Discover the hidden symbols in colourful Ghanaian wax print fabrics 

All of a sudden, the sense of urgency to reveal the hidden meanings behind some of our Ghanaian wax print fabrics. This is not a coincidence. In fact, Ghanaian fabrics have symbolic meanings. Those who do not know this still embrace the colourful and intricate designs of this rich fashion staple.

For instance, the international fashion world have embraced our colourful Ghanaian fabrics like never before. So, our Ghana Ntoma as we affectionately call it, is our nation’s most treasured fashion asset and pride. This is because, it forms a part of the everyday fashion of the people. As a matter of fact, you do not have to be rich to own a tradtional Kaba (blouse) and Slit (long skirt) with (nkatuo) cloth covering.

Now, these African print fabrics may look busy. More over, they might have these often complicated motifs, overlapping shapes and colours. Yet, these are the same attributes which make them irresistable. Take this as an example, have you ever tried so hard to match a lock coloured top with other accessories. Not with our tradtional cotton fabrics or Hollandais. They surely rock front or back. Ankara or wax print cotton fabrics are so so easy to match with any outfits. Think casual colourful off shoulder bright coloured top over pair of dark blue jeans. Here are examples of other ways to rock our African print fabric in 2021.

Ankara or wax print cotton fabrics are so so easy to match with any outfit.

African Jewellery Melbourne


frican Print Fabric earringsFabric Earring Geometric – Awero, colourful print fabric

Ladies African fabrics Melbourne


Ladies head Head Bands – Naa Atweiband African Turban. African fabrics Melbourne

Ladies Blouse Cotton


Akos ClothingLadies Blouse Cotton sleeveless size small

5 Popular Ways to Wear Ghana Print Fabric Ntoma

  1. Traditional Africans Head Bands and Wraps  

From the head, ladies stylishly wrap about two meter long fabric around the head to make a royal statement of its own. Want to learn easy steps to tie up your African head wraps.? Check out our next blog on head wraps and health scarves. 

  1. Ghanaian Kaba Blouse Design 2020

Next after the traditional headwrap is the African blouse. And this is no ordinary blouse or top. Gone are the days when the sleeves were a statement of their own. Ghanaian Traditional Kaba are sewn by experienced seamstresses who together with their apprentices hand sew intricate cuts and pieces together into stylised fashion tops. 

  1. Sleek Ladies Long Skirts with Side Slits

Then comes the skirt, usually with a slit along the left side, or flare bottom to allow leg room for walking. These days, pants are what younger fashionable ladies go for in place if the traditional Kaba Slit or long skirts.

  1. Body wraps two yards accessorising fabrics pieces

Many Traditional Kaba and Slit outfits come with the same fabric body wraps, usually in two yards. Alternatively, a more shimmer or contrasting coloured fabric stands out when used to accessorise the whole look. Six yards of wax print fabric is what it takes for the Ghanaian woman with taste to transform their looks into the Traditional royal goddess. 

  1. African Wax Print Geometric Earrings and Accessories 

Last but not the least, Ghana’s favourite wax print cotton fashion statements are the ladies jewelleries. Have you come across matching sets of earrings and facemasks and even outfits these days? Because of the colourful and intricate design patterns on African Wax prints fabric, they lend themselves so well to small and large fashion accessories.

Fabric earrings are every girl’s staple accessory these days. Ako Creative makes them by hand using off cuts from large wax print fabric used in making full Traditional costumes. Want to learn how to make your own fabric earrings from fabric off cuts. Look out for our next Easy Tutorials on Fabric Earrings.

Have you checked out our popular two and three cord fabric covered rope necklaces? They are made from soft but firm and flexible nylon ropes that hold their shape and form really well. They don’t weigh heavy around the neck and are perfect for all day wear. With magnetic clasps, taking them off or putting them back on is easy breezy fast and go.

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