AKOS – the name meaning and popularity is now revealed

Akos name meaning and popularity is now revealed in this article. So, if you have been wondering what the name means, then stop to read, because I am sharing the secreate today. But before I give you the Akos meaning, it is important to understand that, Google search results delivers write inaccurate information about Akos name meaning and popularity. So, what then are the true meanings of the name Akos.

Today, I will be providing the true meaning of the Akos name. In fact, what you need to know about Akos is that, it is value ladden. To uncover its true meaning, first you need to know that Akos is an female Ghanaian name. In fact, almost all African names have meanings rooted in tradtional values. Now, before I go deep into African or Ghanaian names and their meanings, at least we need to be able to pronounce the Akos name like the Ghanaians.

Akos name pronunciation

The pronunciation of the name Akos is very simple. You can basically say it phonetically, that is, as per the pronunciation of the letters in the alphabets. 

So, the correct pronunciation of the nane Akos is like this. A is for 🍎 apple, O is for 🍊 orange. S is for snake. So ‘A’ and sorry K is for kite, so A K O S. Say it as the elementary alphabeticals. But I had some contemporary twist on the pronunciation of this name. It sounds really cool considering the Akos brand leans towards contemporary ethical fashion.

So, the A is just as you say it, the O as in the orange. So you get something sounding like Aikos. I love this twist too. Now, whichever way you pronounce Akos, Just know it is an actual name.

The origin of the name Akos

The name Akos is Ghanaian. Hence, Akos is of African origin.

It simply means, a girl born on a Sunday. This makes lots of Akos in Ghana. 

Akos is usually the first name given to the girl when she is born on Sunday. Also, this becomes her everyday name. Her folks, friends or acquaintances will refer to her by this name. Akos is usually a casual name for a girl , unless it is part of her official name. In this case it can either be her first or one of middle names. 

The origins of the name Akos

However when you search the name, other non-African variations appear. For instance, Ákos is a masculine name in Hungarian. This boy’s name has a different meaning to the Akos of African origin.

Please don’t confuse the Hungarian Ákos with the Akos of African origin. Have you spotted the difference in the spelling of Akos name yet?

Meaning of the name Akos in Ghana

In the traditional Ghanaian naming structure, Akos has meaning beyound gender. Now, before I go ahead to explain what the name stands for, I would like you to understand that most African names do take on complex meanings. 

The deeper meanings of Akos names

African names, most often than not, tend to have rather complex meanings. These profound aspects of a name often comes as a result of different attributes such as gender, the specific tribe or or ethnicity. 

Photo by Deva Darshan: African names celebrate the creative perfection of the girl child,
her aspiration and life long appreciation of life

Within some groups the circumstances of one’s birth could determine which name they are given at birth. In some cases, the physical attributes such as lighter skin, beauty as observed after birth inspire a name for the child.

I want to highlight this, almost all Ghanaian names reflect positivity. For instance, most of our African names celebrate the creative perfection of the girl child, her aspiration, and life long appreciation of this life. In deed you would find that African names are value-laden.

One more thing, did you know that the Akos name is the shorter version of Akosua? They both represent the same idea. Which is, a Ghanaian girl born on Sunday. 

You would pronounce Akosua phonetically as per your alphabets.We African Ghanaians tend to fuss less about how white cultures pronounce our names. We do understand, as long as it is all done in good spirit.

If Akosua stands for girls born on Sunday then what about the boys?. In Ghana boys born on Sundays are called Kwesi. Pronounced as K-way si. Just as Akosua, you would find interesting variations of this beautiful Sunday born name.  

Photo by Isaac Quesada : African naming ceremonies have spiritual significance

The differences lay in the name structure depending on specific tribe. For example, Akosua is mainly Ashanti. Ashanti tribes are located towards the lower middle part of Ghana.Towards the coast we have the Ga people who would have Akosi or Koshi.

Akosua is also considered a patient soul.

Akosua girl’s name meaning

So, what is the meaning of girl name Akosua. Meaning of Akosua is to protect others. This makes Akosua such a lovely person to be around, very loving and caring of those close to her. 

Akosua personifies patience

Akosua is also considered a patient soul. You won’t find many girls as patient and understanding; not by searching days of the week though.

Photo by Annie Spratt: Akosua is also considered a patient soul, right from childhood through to motherhood
Girls’ name with a trustworthy and dependable meaning

If you find a patient, caring and understanding Sheila as Aussies might name, then I bet you found Confidant. Akos is the girl to hold and keep safe your innermost cares and secrets. This Akos won’t let you down- not that easily. 

Photo by Houcine Ncib : Everyone needs someone to depend on sometimes, Akos you can count on.
Akosua is helpful in many ways

Family and friends find Akosua helpful. So, you know, Sunday born girls are not all about themselves. They put their skills, talents and time towards the good for all. 

Adaptable and resilient Ghanaian names

So, you have met a Ghanaian girl born on Sunday and still dont quite understand why almost everyone speaks highly of her? Allow me to explain. Girls born on Sunday, Akos, are very adaptable. 

The adaptation of Akosua also reflects her inherent strength. Resilience and adaptability are common traits found in girls named Akos. 

Photo by Amevi Wisdom: You cannot underestimate the resilience of the girl child
The talented African girl’s name

All over the world, girls called Akos are gifted. By this I mean they are talented in several areas. To name an example, the girl called Akos  that I’m writing about now, lives in the Diaspora, and calls Australia home.

As a born creative, it is not surprising that these positive attributes had seen Akosua attempt many different creative projects. The diversified creative endeavors earned her the name, Akos Creative. 

Akos Creative is a Ghanaian born African Australian, self taught Jewelry Fashion design and Therapautic WorkerShop

In fact, Akos started as an artist, illustrator, and Graphic Design. Akos can write, she enjoys blogging, vlogging, recently tried podcasts and still enjoys photography. Most special of all, Akosua is a self taught handmade jewellery and fashion designer.

So, it doesn’t matter where she lives or works. Girls by the name Akosua or Akos almost always attain success with their creative endeavors.

Now, I know an Akosua, who came up with clever ideas, using African wax prints to create fashion earrings. Also, her African fabric fascinators were equally stunning.

The smart and curious girl called Akos in from Ghana

Akos is the name for smart and curious girls in Ghana. For such a caring, adaptable and creative individual, a name as sweet as Akosua, is the best.

Photo by Etty Fedele: So you know, the intelligent and fierce Akos can stand up to any challenge

Quite naturally, girls by the name Akos are intelligent and curious. Now, whether you find an Akos by herself or in the company of other people,  smartness and curiosity can enliven any dull room. I am sure you have met a Sunday born recently. If you are not sure, just click this link to sign up to my newsletter to receive updates about my next craft market. You are welcome to come say hello, and experience my Akos creations.

Akos means a smart girl born in Ghana. This is why her knowledge and awareness exceeds that of her contemporaries. The curiosity in all Sunday born Akos urges them to learn new things everyday. 

As a result, the mind of Akos can be compared to a soaking sponge. Enerstly, does not only take in all the good, but actually gives back some good to the community in appreciation.

You will soon realize that topics on creation, origins of life, culture, religion, even spirituality will tickle Akosua’s interests. Avid readers tend to be good creative writers, which is the main reason for writing this blog.

Akos baby names 

Akos is a cute name for girls born on Sunday. If you search for baby names, Akos is short and easy to pronounce. It stands for a caring, smart and creative girl. Akos is a good baby name choice.

The Akos name popularity

Akos is a popular name for girls. The name originates from Ghana. Different tribes in Ghana have different versions of the Akos name. Akos, Akosua, Kosi and Esi. 

Akos name also appears in other cultures. For example, the Greek, Turkish and Hungarian cultures also use the name Akos. However, they are masculine and you might find differences in the pronunciation.

It is likely that the name Akos is popular in other cultures too. Like I mentioned, Akos has origins in Europe as well as in Ghana. Such might be fir either boys or girls. In Ghana Akos or Akosua is a popular name for girls only.. Check the spellings of Akos too, it’s like so… Ákos.

You can find out whether you are an Akos or not,  by simy searching the day of week that you were born.

Which day of the week were you born? Are you an Akos, or perhaps you could be Esi? Trust me, both are just special. They are all beautiful girls’ names.   

Now you can find out which day of the week you were born. Type your date of birth into the chart to determine your birthday name in Ghana name.

Famous people known by the name Akosua

I would like to conclude this piece about Akos name. But before I do that I would like to leave you with some famous people who are also named Akos. Here are my top five famous people:

1. Akosua Busia: An actress and author from Ghana. She is best known for her performance in the movie “The Color Purple”.

2. Akosua Puni Essien: A Ghanaian entrepreneur and businesswoman who is recognized as the president of the Italian football team, Calcio Como.

3. Akos Felhosi: A professional Hungarian basketball player who currently plays for the Szombathelyi Kötélbányász.

4. Akos Balogh: A Hungarian chess player known for his participation in various international chess tournaments.

5. Akos Kirsch: A German musician, guitarist, and composer known for his contribution to the heavy metal music industry.


The name Akos originates from Ghana. It means a girl born on Sunday. Akos is a popular girls name. So, are you searching for baby names? Akosua, or variations like Koshi or Esi are beautiful names for girls. It represents a clever, trustworthy and beautiful soul. You too can be a beautiful creative called Akos.

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