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Evolving Your Small Handmade Business into a Creative Wellness Concept

Evolving your small handmade business can sound daunting. But that need’nt be, because here I have ten proven strategies to help you effect change seamlessly. I know how much work have gone into this small handmade business set up- the days and nights tireless work just to nurture your small business from scratch.

How to creatively evolve your small handmade business is therefore key to growth and success. Now staying stagnant can hinder the growth of your small handmade business. In fact, small business owner that I interviewed all embraced change and innovation to thrive.

Social entreprises that evolved successfully

Liliana of Cassa Bonita Lifestyle markets her creative and entrepreneurial skills in a way that brings in more business. She would vouge to the fact that by evolving Cassa Bonita Lifestyle she reached new opportunities. More so, she expanded her social enterprise to reach broader horizons.

Today, I’m going to share ten ways you can evolve and grow your small handmade business. In fact, using my own journey as an example, I’ll illustrate how Akos Creative is slowly evolving into a creative wellness concept.

  1. Diversify Your Product Line: One way to evolve your small handmade business is by diversifying your product offerings. Akos Creative, for instance, began as a jewelry and accessory business. Currently, I am gradually expanding my product line to include handmade candles, aromatherapy oils, and wellness products. I believe that, by diversifying, social entrepreneurs can open new avenues for reaching a broader audience.

2. Explore New Markets: Don’t limit yourself to your local market. Look for opportunities to expand into new markets. This can mean selling online at craft fairs, or through partnerships with boutiques. In fact, Akos Creative transitioned from selling solely at local craft shows to establishing an online presence. Truth be told, tapping into a global market of wellness enthusiasts really upped my game.

3. Tell Your Story: Consumers love to connect with the story behind a brand. So, don’t shy away from sharing your life changing journey. Creative passion can be infectious. This means that someone is waiting to hear how you went about cradling that small handmade business into the fully-fledged social enterprise. Akos Creative embraces storytelling through our website and social media. Most of my clientelle connect with the inspiration behind our wellness products.

4. Collaborate with Like-Minded Brands: Collaborations brings lots of positives to your otherwise unknown small handmade business. Partnering with popular brands for instance can help your social enterprise reach new audience. So, bigger brands that share your values can enhance your small business appeal.

Moreover, popular brands already reaching your intended target audience can help expand your reach. As result, Akos Creative is starting to collaborate with local wellness practitioners. For instance, establishing partnerships with the Positive Wellness Centre, Kalkallo in Melbourne is going to create synergy that could benefits both parties.

5. Embrace Sustainable Practices: Sustainability is a growing trend, and many consumers are seeking eco-friendly products. As a small handmade business seeking to serve your local community, go ethical. That is, if possible, incorporate sustainable materials  into your handmade creations.

Sustainable practices such use fabric off-cuts can help reduce waste. Environmental issues are now big on many global and political agendas. Hence, at Akos Creative we aim towards an eco-friendly packaging. Also, we try to source sustainable materials for our wellness products.

6. Invest in Marketing and Branding: Effective marketing and branding can make a world of difference for your small handmade business. When it comes to marketing, you need to be consistent. Branding is so important yet costly. At Akos Creative we are still working on keeping our branding low cost. We want our customers to enjoy value in our products at pocket-friendly prices. Branding and well-executed marketing strategies have allowed Akos Creative to stand out in a crowded market.

7. Create a Unique Customer Experience: Give your customers an experience they’ll remember. You can achieve this true packing. Akos Creative, for instance, includes handwritten notes. We also communicate with our clients as though we’ve always known them. Allow your customers feel valued, and there you have loyal customers. This is one example of evolving your small handmade business no matter when it started. Check out our customer feedback on Etsy and Google Reviews.

In fact, one of the things Akos would embark on in the coming year is hosting wellness workshops. These events would allow our customers to explore the benefits of our products. Offering our loyal customers, a hands-on experience, is a good way to attract new clients. Engage with existing and potential customers in an interactive way. Certainly, these experiences can create customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

8. Listen to Customer Feedback: Your customers can provide valuable insights on how to evolve your business. Take time to listen to their feedback and make necessary improvements. Akos Creative constantly gathers feedback during craft markets. For instance, I started focusing on kids jewelry this year after a customer suggested them at our Refugee and Migrant Festival in Coburg. Surveys and reviews are a great way get some feedback to help refine your products and services.

9. Stay Informed About Industry Trends: The small handmade business landscape is ever-changing as mentioned. So, it doesn’t hurt to stay  informed about industry trends is essential as a social entrepreneur. Now, Akos Creative keeps a close eye on trends in wellness, holistic health, and self-care. This is how we adapt our product offerings to meet new tastes and keep up with trends.

10. Focus on Creative Wellness: Now, let’s delve deeper into how Akos Creative is evolving into a creative wellness concept. I have mentioned how a growing interest in self-care, mindfulness, and holistic wellness is reshaping how we do small handmade business. As a result, we’re infusing our products with a wellness-oriented approach.

For example, our plan is to include handmade candles. The idea is for these crafted candled to not just benefit an aesthetic appeal, but to have therapeutic benefits. Other products in the pipeline are essential oils with calming properties for relaxation and to reduce stress. In fact, our aromatherapy oils and wellness products would be like no other. We would handpick locally made and carefully formulated oil to support emotional and physical well-being.

In the coming year, Akos Creative plans to host experiential workshops and events. This will allow our customers to  experience the healing power of creativity. We’ve discovered that engaging in creative activities like jewelry making, candle crafting, and painting can be therapeutic. In fact, they are a wonderful way to practice mindfulness.

Why a wellness brand sells

Did you know that incorporating wellness into our brand identity has allowed us to connect with a new market? Yes, there are a growing audience seeking products that promote self-care and holistic well-being. Now, we found that this evolution not only boosts our business, but also aligns with our values and passions. So, start evolving your small handmade business today.


In conclusion, evolving your small handmade business is a journey of growth and adaptation. So, get ready to embrace change. Do not be afraid to diversify your small business ideas and offerings. Now, take the plunge to explore new markets. Whilst doing so, try to stay true to your brand story. By focusing on the evolving landscape of your industry and listening to customer feedback, you can achieve significant growth.

We hope that you are inspired by Akos Creative’s journey. Starting from a humble handmade jewelry to a creative wellness concept is such a brave move. It also demonstrates that embracing change can lead to new opportunities. Change is good as long as you stay true to your creative passions and values. So, take the leap, evolve, and watch your small handmade business flourish in exciting and innovative ways.

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