Do you make all jewellery yourself?

Yes, I do handcraft all my jewellery and accessories by hand here in Melbourne. WIth the Krobo beads jewellery, I use handpicked beads from Ghana.

A limited number of my products are made in collaboration with Ghanaian artisan. These include, dresses and tote bags. Everything else is made by me in Melbourne.

Where do you buy the materials FOR YOUR JEWELLERY?

My African wax print fabrics are handpicked from Accra Ghana.  This includes all my recycled glass beads (Krobo beads). They are made in Krobo Odumase, southern Ghana by local artisans. To make sure I get genuine beads, I buy from the local traders.

Do you Trade Fair?

Yes, I consider myself ethical in the way I trade. This means, I pay the local merchants the prices they place on wares. Most often I am offered free gifts too.

What do you mean by Handpicked?

Handpicked fabrics or Krobo beads mean I personally choose and pick from about a 1000 other available products directly from the local merchants.

During COVID-19 for instance, when overseas travel was not permitted, I get friends to help with the buying. I get to see the items via video chat. Hence, they get to handpick my choice and ship the items out to me here.

What metals are you using in your jewellery?

I use different metals in my jewellery. Firstly, I hand cut copper tubes to mix with Krobo beads for the bracelets. Copper is said to be good for your health.

Then, for earring French hooks, I go for sterling silver, stainless steel or hypoallergenic nickel free hooks in gold plated.

Plastic backings are not harmful to the skin. 

Does Free Shipping compromise product or P&H Standards at all?

Absolutley Not. With my FREE STANDARD SHIPPING, you recieve  the same high quality products. I can offer FREE SHIPPING, Australia wide,  because  all earrings are light weight. Infact, I  handle all products with equal care. 

What do you charge for USA or UK Shipping?

With International Shipping I charge a standard fee of  $4.99 for lightweight tems.

Do you accept returns?

I don’t accept returns ‘due to the hygenic reasons. COVID- 19 has taught us to be more health conscious.

So, my suggestion is for you to gift your jewellery to a friend if you changed your mind.

Do your models wear the same jewellery that you stock in the shop?

My pervious fashion models got gifted the earrings they modelled. These days, COVID-19 has taught me to model my own jewellery. But, I use different hooks to ones in the shop. I make them so I can always replace hooks. Plus, these days I sanitise my hands often.

Your Gift Cards, how do they work?

I sell Gift Cards by Giftup Cards. With Giftup Cards I do NOT add hidden costs to customers. GiftUp do charge a small percentage fee on every Gift Card and I gladly absorb this fee. 

How to use Giftup. 

1. from my website home page, enter any amount, 2. send via email to friends and they can redeem their card at check out. 3. They can also check their balance from the home page. Really simple and transparent.

And, GiftUp Cards do not expire. Visit our Home Page at www.akoscreative.com 

At markets, I use Squareup Gift Cards: You can also buy Square Gift Cards through our Squareup account. Simple click here to purchase a card from our Squareap account. 

What does Akos stand for?

Akos, is my Ghaanaian name, meaning a girl born on Sunday in our Akan language. So, yes there are several Akos out there. Lilian, or Lily as most Australians love to call me, is my English name. Ghana is a British Colonised country. Hence, English is our official language. 

Can I chat with you

Yes you can if you still need to know more about my jewellery.

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