Is Free Shipping on all products in the shop?

Yes, I decided to make  STANDARD SHIPPING FREE on all of my handcrafted items sent within Australia. This is because most of the items in the shop are light weight, especially the fabric earrings which weigh just about 9grams.  It might feel a bit too much to add a 10dollar shipping fee on light weight pair of earrings for some customers. I do absorb a fraction of AustPost fees into item costs to offset my expenses. I added Flexible Shipping options to allow my customers to upgrade their shipping. This includes Tracking and Express. 

What about sending items overseas? Do you charge a lot to ship items overseas?

International Shipping comes with moderate fees. Please visit our Shipping page for a break down of our various shipping options.

Do you make all jewellery yourself?

Yes, I do handcraft all jewellery by hand here in Melbourne.

Although with the handmade dresses, they were made in collaboration with an experienced seamstress in Ghana.

Where do you buy the materials you use?

I buy African wax print fabrics at the local Market or Fabric Merchants in Accra, Ghana. The offcuts of which I use in the fabric earrings and necklaces. Also, I handpick all my recycled glass beads (Krobo beads) directly from Krobo Odumase, southern Ghana where these amazing beads are originally manufactured by local artisans.

Do you Trade Fair?

Yes, I pay merchants the fair wages they ask for their wares.  Also, most of these traders are very friendly and will often offer free gifts on top of purchases. 

What metals are you using in your jewellery?

I hand cut copper tubes for use in some of my Krobo beads bracelets. Some people do believe that copper is good for your health.

I have used sterling silver Frech hooks for earrings. If they are gold plated metal hooks, I use only nickel free, non tarnish metal hooks. I am using stainless steel hooks and posts now as they are not only hypoallergenic like the sterling silver hooks, but are more sturdy.   

Plastic backing comes with all French hooks and posts. If you need a particualrly type of hook, please let me know and I could arrange to incorprate that into your handcrafted earrings. 

Do you accept returns?

I don’t accept returns ‘due to the hygenic reasons. COVID- 19 has taught us to be more health conscious. If you change your mind, and did not end up wearing your earrings, I will definately need to remove and discard of the hooks immediately. I am happy to refund if I got it wrong somehwere. Just get in touch with me.  

Do your models wear the same jewellery that you stock in the shop?

My pervious fashion models got gifted the earrings they modelled. These days I try to model my own jewellery and I use different hooks. I hand sanitise and clean up beads during handlng.

Your Gift Cards, how do they work?

I sell Gift Cards by Giftup Cards. With Giftup Cards I do NOT add hidden costs to customers. GiftUp do charge a small percentage fee on every Gift Card purchased all of which I gladly absorb.  How to use Giftup. Very simple, from my website home page, enter any amount, send via email to friends and they can redeem their card at check out. They can also check their balance from the home page. Really simple and transparent. GiftUp Cards do not expire. Visit our Home Page at www.akoscreative.com to Buy GiftUp Cards. Select your card, enter amount and send by email to your recipients. Simply check your Gift Card balance from our home page.

At markets, I use Squareup Gift Cards: You can also buy Square Gift Cards through our Squareup account. Simple click here to purchase a card from our Squareap account. 

What does Akos stand for?

Akos, is my Ghaanaian name, meaning a girl born on Sunday in our Akan language. So, yes there are several Akos out there. Lilian, or Lily as most Australians love to call me, is my English name. Ghana is a British Colonised country. Hence, English is our official language. 

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