Frequently asked questions FAQ

FAQ by handmade jewellery shoppers in Australia is anwered. Find the answers to frequently asked questions I usually recieve from my customers who want to buy Australian made jewellery.

Do you make these jewellery yourself is a FAQ?

Yes, I handcraft my jewellery and accessories here in Melbourne. Did you know that an inclusive creative approach allows fashion designers to incoporate the designs of other local crafters? I have expended my  fashion jewellery collection this way. This means, collaborating with other creative women enable me to achieve a higher quality in products. More over, my fashion accessories become accessible to a wider clientelle.

Can you guarantee good quality handmade jewellery?

I can guarantee good quality handmade jewellery. As a customer, you can tell whether a particular accessory is of good quality by taking a close look at the type of materials used. Most often, the finishing of good quality jewellery is neat. Although, there might be small imperfections with handmade earrings for instance, you will find that the overall craftsmanship is impeccable. 

Additionally, you will find that reputable sellers tend to have more positive reviews. In fact, my customers including those who stock my jewellery products, highly recommend my handcrafted jewellery and accessories. Now, after I deliver your colourful African jewellery, please be sure to leave feedback. When you give feedback about a product, it helps shoppers choose the best handmade jewellery. So, from my facebook page, you can leave feedback about my customer service and beautiful fashion jewellery. However, if you have issues with any of my products, please contach me to have a chat about it.

FAQ about where I source materials for my jewellery?

I source materials for beaded earrings and bracelets mostly from Ghana. For example, I use high quality African wax print cotton fabrics. So, when I visit my Ghana for holidays, I also shop for materials I need for jewellery making. One of our biggest local markets is located in Accra, which is the capital of Ghana. This market is called Makola. You will find traders from all over the country selling and buying food stff and other materials.  

So, I available to me at the local market in Accra are a wide range of colourful Ghanaian fabrics and crafted beads. In fact, some of these  African cloths are locally made, whilst others are imported. Irrespective of where these materials are made, buying or selling them provides a source of income to the local traders. this is I like to buy my colourful Kente cloth and ankara fabrics directly from Ghana. In fact, the locally crafted recycled glass beads (Krobo beads) can be found in most shops in Accra. One way you can also support small businesses in Ghana is by patronising my products. Now, because I also donate to local charities, some of my profits goes to support the local Ghanaian communities. It also helps support local small business owners to become financially independent.

Do you practice Fair Trade?

Yes, I do and it is by paying local women the asked prices for their colourful African wax prints or Krobo recycled glass beads.

What metals do you use in finishing your handmade jewellery?

The metals I use in finsihing my handmade jewellery are hypoallergenic. I use these metals in finishing my meticulously crafted beaded earrings because they are safe for sensitive skin. So, for my Awero beaded earrings for instance, I use stainless steel French metal hooks. This is because stainless steel is not only strong, and will not tarnish. 

Now, lighter jewellery such as fabric earrings look fabulous in sterling sillver French hooks. Sterling silver French hooks are quite delicate metals. Moreover, they are very safe for all skin types. 

Now, when I use gold plated French hooks or other jewellery metals, they are also hypoallergenic. This means, they are nickel free and safe for most skin types. You will not miss my free plastic backing which comes on the jewellery metal hooks. It does not cause harm when plastic backing for jewellery come in contact with you skin.

Can I return my handcrafted earrings?

Can I return a handcrafted pair of earrings I have worn is a common question customers ask. The answer to this is, yes, you can return a pair of earrings that you bought from my shop. If the product is faulty which is why you are returning it, I will not re-stock it in the shop. However, for hygenic reasons, I do not accept returns for jewellery and accessories due to a change of mind.

So, my suggestion is for you to gift your jewellery to a friend if you changed your mind.

What does the Akos name mean?

Akos, is my African name, and that is how my Ghanaian folks call me. The name Akos simply means, a girl born on Sunday. In fact, I have wwritten an interesting article in my blog section about the Akos name meaning. How about you click on this link now and read this short but informative blog post. Then, you would be able to leave your comment. 

You might also want to share this article with someone who is expecting a girl. Who knows, my Akos name meaning could inspire the naming of her daughter.

African woman wearing lots of tradtional handcrafted beads Akoscreative jewelry African beads[/caption]

 Important questions for handmade jewellery shoppers

Before you shop for your next pair of handmade earrings, be sure to ask the following important questions.

How do I take care of handmade jewellery?

How do I take care of handmade jewellery is an importtant question especually when you want them to last long. In fact, all handmade
jewellery require good care to maintain its quality and longevity. Here are few tips to make sure that you crafted earrings will see several wears. Fristy, try and avoid over exposing it to direct sunlight and moisture. Secondly, harsh chemicals can damage the materials. So, store it properly in a dry and clean place. Last but not least, avoid wearing handmade earrings while swimming or bathing.

Can I customize my handmade jewellery is a FAQ?

Yes, most handmade jewelry designers offer customization and personalization options for their designs. I do offer costomised designs on my jewellery and accessories. Please discuss your preferences with me so I can create a unique piece of jewellery that complements your style. You might want to check with me in the first instance to make sure that your choice of materials or beads are in stock.

Is handmade jewellery more expensive than mass-produced jewellery?

The simple answer is yes. Handmade jewellery is often priced higher than mass-produced jewellery. The reasons for this is mainly from the the cost in labour and quality of materials from which they are made. Hence, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the quality of materials places my handmade jewellery and accessories a higher price than overseas jewellery stock. 

If you prefer unique accessories, then I recommend you choose Australian made products. You will find great value in my made in Australia jewellery because they are unique and exclusive. In fact, buy handmade gifts because they make positive impression than cheap fast fashion.

What are the benefits of buying handmade jewellery?

Handmade jewellery offers benefits over mass-produced jewelry. As already mentioned, crafted jewellery tend to be most unique exclusive, with oustanding quality in artisanal craftsmanship. In fact, handcrafted jewellery also promotes sustainable
and ethical practices in the jewellery industry is