Over the years, we have forgotten that our actions and lifestyle choices affect the earth.  One of these choices that are terrible for the environment is Fast Fashion.  The perception that “outfits can’t be repeated”, has encouraged the behavior of quantity versus quality. We go for cheaper clothing that does not offer durability and quality, to save money. We now view them as disposable commodities. Why Fast Fashion isn’t good for us. Fast fashion is hazardous for the climate due to:  The obscene amount of water that textile uses for cultivation.  The increasing amount of textile waste that cannot be recycled Increasing landfills of textile. So, the question that now arises is:  If we don’t buy fast fashion, what’s the substitute?  The simple answer is: Sustainable Fashion.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is the practice of making premium quality products that do not harm the environment. o, Their carbon footprint, usage of water, and emission of greenhouse gases are considerably lower than those of fast fashion!  Sustainable fashion, and thus we, aim to promote the mindset that fashion is timeless and not a disposable commodity.  Thus, we should be investing in valuable pieces, which are worth the money — today and tomorrow.

Get to Know Proven ways Investing in Sustainable Fashion is good for You?

Everybody hopes to look their best, and fashion has a considerable role to play in that. Now that we’ve become accustomed to our “usual” fast-fashion, and find it oh-so-fab, why should we ditch our wardrobe and make the transition to sustainable fashion?

Why Celebrities Wear Sustainable Fashion

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should embrace sustainable fashion.

1. Safe and Ethical: Sustainable fashion allows us to wear quality products that do not have cheap material or harmful chemicals. So, It’s safer and more ethical as compared to fast fashion.

2. Fashion for YOU: Promotes the ideology that fashion is an integral part of our lives rather than disposable commodities. 

3. Quality over Quantity: It reminds us that investing in new trends, introduced on weekly basis, is just wasting our money.

4. Community Fashion: Promotes the idea of sharing and giving clothes to charity. 

5. Saves Water (as compared to fast fashion)! 

6. Says NO to Child Labor: It supports safer and fairer working conditions of the employees.

7. Doesn’t risk animal lives, unlike fast fashion.

8. Eco-Friendly: It’s not harmful to the climate and saves the natural resources of the earth.

Going Sustainable is Cheaper than You Think

As humans, we have responsibilities towards our planet. At the rate at which fast fashion is growing, the earth will only get more polluted, adversely affecting our future generations.  It’s time we bring sustainable fashion back. If you’re worrying that it won’t be trendy, well, that’s really not something you should be worrying about.  Redefining chic and glam, sustainable fashion can certainly make you a head turner — especially if you opt for the creative pieces at Akos Creative, the brand redefining the fashion industry for good by not only doing right by the customers but also the planet. 

So, what do you think.? We can do our environment some good, can’t we? Be Sustainable. Be Authentic. Be Yourself.

Written by Akos

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