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  • green beaded earring oval

    African beaded earrings -tribal


    African beaded earrings – Trbal fabric earrings oval geometric shape. Beaded jewellery, drop earrings in African seed bead ethnic jewellery, finished with stainless steel French hooks.

    Beaded earrings- same design on reverse
    Size: 75×80 mm
    Add 25mm for hook
    Weight 14g approx
    Stainless steel hooks.

    Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

  • a pair of red seed bead earrings resting on a tree trunk

    Seed bead earrings for sensitive skin


    Seed bead earrings, beaded earrings, red handwoven beads jewellery for women, featuring iconic black and white Zulu motive. Gift for her earrings for sensitive skin, wholesale jewellery, finished with stainless steel French hooks.

    • Long fringe seed beads earrings with tassels
    • Size 4.5cm wide x 10cm long
    • Weighs about 14grams
    • Ethically woven in Australia
  • Sale!

    Boho earrings – seed bead jewelry


    Boho earrings, perfect for adding a touch of serene green to any outfit!

    Each pair is lovingly handwoven with tiny seed beads and finished with elegant long fringe for a truly unique look.

    Crafted with hypoallergenic stainless steel French silver hooks,

    Suitable for sensitive skin. Women’s jewelry finished with stainless steel French hooks and plastic stoppers.

    I craft jewellery to style effortlessly with colourful African clothing with bold print designs.

    • Vertical dangle drop earrings
    • halfmoon shape
    • Size 10cm x 3.5cm
    • Dangles to about 11cm with metal French hook
    • Weighs about 10grams
    • Ethically made from colurful seed beads.
    • Handmade in Melbourne
  • a pair of colourful earrings with cowrie shell by Akoscreative

    Kente cloth earrings- cowrie shell


    Kente cloth earrings, cowrie shell, tribal jewelry for women, featring natural cowrie shell. Handmade trendy jewelry, using Ghana kente print fabric off cuts.

    Main features of Kente fabric earrings

    • Drop dangle drop earrings
    • halfmoon shape
    • Size 8cm x 8cm
    • Weighs about 13grams
    • Ethically made from fabric off-cuts.
    • Handmade in Melbourne
  • A guy in Bomber jacket, red colour in style

    Bomber jacket – red colour


    Bomber jacket red colour in style, African winter jacket in bold print design. Red casual jackets for men, bomber jackets for women. Buy unisex fashion in Australia. Discover this unique and limited edition casual jackets in Melbourne.

    Also available now in different print fabric designs and sizes.

    • Bomber jacket features:
    • Padded with fleece material.
    • Inside pockets
    • Centre Front zipper
    • Versatile style Easy fit
    • Standard thickness
    • Fully Mesh lined with satin fabric.
    • Handmade, Australian design
    • Size information:
    • Australian standard size.

    Australian slow fashion. Best quality sustainable fashion, ethically made in Australia.

  • A pair of colourful earrings

    Kente earrings for women


    Kente earrings for women, in oblique slanted geometric shape. Super light-weight drop earrings made from Ghana Kente print fabric. Colourful earrings have hypoallergenic sterling silver French hooks for sensitive skin. Wholesale ladies fashion jewellery.

    Main features of Kente fabric earrings

    Oblique slanted dangle earrings for women
    • Vertical dangle drop earrings
    • halfmoon shape
    • Size 7cm x 3.5cm
    • Dangles to about 8cm together with bead and metal parts
    • Weighs about 10grams
    • Ethically made from re-purposed cardstock, and rescued fabric off-cuts.
    • Handmade in Melbourne
  • fabric tote bag large

    Fabric tote bag- large carrier


    Fabric tote bag, large carrier

    Fabric tote bag, large carrier, eco re-usable large capacity travel bag. Ladies fashion handbag, large tote bag with leather handle.

    Red coloured fabric tote bag, with butterfly print design. Well lined using black satin  fabric, and inside pocket

    Bag fastening used is strong metal tooth zipper

    Available in stock

    Bag Size

    Legnth18inch x width 14inch, height 6inch Strap length 52 inch

    Handmade in Melbourne

  • kente headwrap

    Ghana kente cloth – Akwele headwraps


    Ghana Kente cloth print fabric headwraps, African print headwrap, ankara headwrap, winter print headscarf, African turban.

    Choose from a a beautiful array of wax print African print fabrics. Best Mother’s Day gift ideas, gift for her.

    Size: Approvximately, 72 inch x 22 inch (180 cm x 50 cm).
    Headwraps are 1 yard of fabric cut lengthwise from a 2-yards piece.

    Variations available in different fabric print and colours

    Different African print fabrics available to choose: Ghana Kente, geometric motif print designs, different colours.

    All headwraps are made in Melbourne, Australia.

    Visit back soon, or contact me for more fabric variations.

  • Sale! Eco brooch

    Brooch pin – fabric accessory


    Brooch pin- fabric accessory, handcrafted in Melbourne. Eco-friendly colourful fashion accessories for women and men.

    Buy unique and quirky handcrafted fabric brooch pins in this jewellery shop. I craft beautiful sustainable fabric brooch pins using some of finest quality fabrics.

    Available in different fabric brooch pin designs

    D1: 6cm x 6cm diameter
    Pin length 7cmm approx

    • Pin has end cap for safety- non tarnish metal
    • Free gift box to store handmade fabric flowers

    Handmade in Melbourne

  • a photo of a lady wearing green long earrings made of fabric strips

    Fabric earrings for women


    Fabric tassel earrings feature colourful African wax print fabrics.

    • Availlable in different wax print fabrics
    • Fabric tassels plus metal hooks weight 10grams approx
    • These are hand cut fabric tassels. And please expect difference between individual pairs.
    • Hypoallergenic metal French hooks or Stainless steel metals
    • Hooks and tassels reaches to about 12cm length,
    • Handmade in Melbourne
  • Krobo Beads Necklace – Korle kaa


    Vibrant green and red beaded necklace, with red chevron design Krobo beads mixed with acrylic beads.

    Comes in adjustable cord easy slip on Waterproof beaded necklace. Average – Light weight, available in other colors.
    Weight 110g approx
    Necklace length 86cm approx.
    Chevron bead 3mmx20mm
    Waxed cotton.
    Slide knot with bead
    Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

    Chevron beads lucky I met you today. Just the right type of gift I wanted for this special friend. It is weighs just about 20grams- not heavy just adorable. I ll pick some bracelets and fabric mask to match.

  • Sale! ECO Wine Tote

    Kente cloth – gift bag

    Kente cloth, gift bag, reversible wine bag, bottle carrier, gift packaging, full-lining finished with satin ribbon tie.

    Kente cloth tote bag, Eco friendly ksustainable home and living handmade products.

    Kente Wine Bag, Beautiful Ghana Kente print fabric– Colourful Geometric Ghanaian Kente Print Design used for this eco friendly fabric gift packaging. Reuse this Kente bag to help safe our envionment. It certainly looks unique inside your glass cabinet or furniture shocase. Keep safe for life.




    Size H 37cm x W 14cm

  • Sale! Eco Fabric Bag

    Eco Tote bag – Aniwa Beach Carrier

    Aniwa African Print Fabric Bag

    Buy Eco Tote Bag, Reusable and perfect for use as Picnic bag, Beach Bag, Shopping Bag

    Reversible, Fully-lined Wine Bottle Gift Bag with handles, Wine Tote Bag, Carry bag, Picnic bag, wine bottle bag, Gift Packaging

    • Reversible
    • Reusable.
    • Linning.
    • Washable by Hand.
    Size Information 

    Aniwa Fabric Design

    BD1 = Aniwa Fabric Design, Mustard & Purple colour, Zipper closure, and strap + (Mum n Babs, 19cmx 17cm)

    Bag Size [Width40cmx Hieght38cm, Strap Height is 30cm]

  • fabric tote bag large

    Tote bag – Beach Carrier

    Eco tote bag

    Eco re-usable African fabric tote bags. Available in different sizes, colours and designs, sustainable gift packaging ideas.

    • Reusable.
    • Linning and Inside pocket.
  • Contemporary Female African American Digital Art

    Female Digital Art


    Female Art Print, Afro Woman, Modern Art Digital Instant Download. You will recieve a link through your Email where you can download all files via  No Sign Up required. Just accept the Terms of Use and you will find the links to all the listed files.

    Total of Six (6) Jpeg files each at 300dpi and two (2) PDF high resolution prints.
    1. (10″x10″ – 1:1 ratio, adjust for 10″x10″, 20″x20″ & 40″x40″).
    2. (10″x20″ – 2:1 ratio, adjust for 12″x24″, 18″x36″ & 20″x40″).
    3. (12″x18″ – 2:3 ratio, adjust for 8″x12″, 12″x18″ & 16″x24″).
    4. (12”x18″ – 3:4 ratio, adjust for 6″x8″, 9″x12″ & 12″x16″).
    5. (16″x20″ – 4:5 ratio, adjust for 4″x5″, 8″x10″ & 11″x14″).
    6. A3 (59.4 x 42cm), adjust for A2, A4 & 5″x7″.

    International Paper sizes:


    A5 (14.8 x 21 cm), (5.83 x x 8.27In)

    A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm), ( 8.27 x 11.7In)

    A3 (29.7 x 42.0 cm), (11.7 x 16.5 In)

  • Sale! African Jewellery Melbourne

    Fabric Earring Geometric – Delta Stitch


    Fabric Earring Geometric – small size dangle moon shape fabric earrings with 8mm acrylic matt beads, with FREE Shipping

    Wax Print Cotton Fabric
    Half moon Shapes
    Variations in size, shape, bead colour
    Reverse print design differs
    Chandilier design double chain
    Size: 55x35mm
    Add 25mm for hook+ bead
    Weight 8g approx
    Sterling Silver hooks.

    Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.