Know 18 Exciting Truth About Our Handmade Jewellery online

1. I started making jewellery by hand because I enjoyed making things by hand. It was the only way I could use what I had to form beautiful things others could enjoy. So when I had successfully made several handcrafted earrings, I thought of ways to spread the love around. I have tried word of mouth and face to face selling. But these sell really slow.

2. Then COVID- 19 came and we in Victoria went into lock down. Ask any creatie and they will tel you. Once you start, you cannot stop. So, I continued creating more earrings, necklaces and hair bands. Then our Premier informed us about the usefulness of wearing face masks and the penalties we had to pay if we did not wear masks in public. Then I grabbed my card stock and started creating face mask templates. Today I have some of the most beautiful 3 layer face masks in stock at reasonable process.

3. As a handmade jewellery designer, I had always wanted to set up an online shop- in fact I had always wanted a more convenient way to sell my handmade jewellery. After months and months, actually years of dreaming and planning this idea, I finally made it. The year 2020 with its ‘surprises’ did breakthrough for me. Violaa!! Akoscreative Online Jewellery Shop! Now like all the amazing women creatives out there, I can celebrate my resilience in style.

4. Indeed hands create jewellery – because machines don’t make them quite as good. Even when they do, each tends to lose it authenticity and true spirit. We all are in ‘unprecedented times’ and let’s face it, what is there not to like about all the selfless care and hardwork of dedicated health professionals and sheer human kindness that was demonstrated around the world during this Covid-19 outbreak.

5. One thing still stands true for me in all this…that we are all Connected. Corona, highlights our Resilience and Recovery through Spiritual connections we humans have.

6. Since health and wellness is within my domain, I will be writing more on Spirituality and Human Connectedness.

7. Handmade Jewellery is what all the suburbia and cosmopolitan girls and gals are wearing these days. Take trip down to Fitzroy and Abbottsford ….Hipsters love things natural, traditionalists crave for handmade, the environmental conscious will vouch for individualistic and minimalist jewellery collection. So here I have it all in my online jewellery shop.

8. Oblayoo Collection nostalgic colourful vintage looking fabric earrings using West African wax print cotton fabrics made by hand. Feel the Ghanaian vibes with earrings names such as Ayiloh, Saasa, Dede, and Afiba. Can I let you on a secret? I made up some of these names. But most are derivatives of African Ghanaian names and places. My small business is my ‘child’, and took the liberty to name my ‘kids’. Ga and Ga-Adangbe names. These ethnic groups are found in the coastal plains of Ghana such as it’s capital Accra. Oblayoo means young…so you get the vibe.

9. My other collections are equally exciting, with cute Ga names. Ashinao means beads in Ga. I named the colourful hand painted beads and other handmade glass beads Aluwa. For some reason the word resonated with ‘beautiful’, so there you go- cos Akos says so, it is!

10. Nikee is about gifting, sharing positive message and love. Medie bracelets comes with earrings to match. You wont go wrong with giving bracelets as gifts. Ladies, older ladies, men and kids love something that they can easily wear and wont have to worry about size. Beaded Bracelets make great accessorise for office or party. Colour, weight and complimentary accessories make the difference.

11. If colourful fashion isn’t’, yet, your thing, just remember – a bit of colour keeps our world alive.

12. Nkania Collections are my hand made resin beads. I developed it as I started looking for ways to make colourful African print fabric waterproof and longest lasting. Luck is when preparedness meets opportunities. My African Resin beads turned out brilliant, colourful and charming – just the way I wanted them. Then became even more thrilled when I chanced upon real coffee beans in their original sack. ‘Ojekoo’ means good morning in Ga language. This afternoon, someone asked which local Ghanaian dialects I spoke. I explained that I spoke two fluently, Akan (Twi) and Ga. They are quite commonly spoken amongst Ghanaian Australians here in Australia.

13. Last but not least is my Statement Collection showcases bold and colorful jewellery using fabric, beads or a mix held together as an elaborate piece. They are truly special. They not quite everyone’s cup of tea, but i get it. It is for the bold, those yearning to embrace diversity. These are beautiful qualities to have.

Staying connected and the Wellness ideas can begin with sharing and gifting. Every single handmade jewellery is neatly held in an oganza drawstring bag and with a little message card that adds good cheer. Thank you for stopping by to take a look at what is on offer in Akoscreative Online Jewellery Shop.

15. We Trade fair and we Sell fair. It’s our joy and pride to add value to every piece we create by first developing the idea, designing and crafting. We also put together by hand together hand the individual packaging we send you with love and care.

16. You have made a great choice by shopping with us. Thank you, stay Blessed and Well. We are getting through together!!! Cheers.

17. The Akoscreative online Store has developed from its humble beginnings with Sisterworks Inc and Space2be, two noteworthy Social Enterprises in Melbourne, working hard to support women Migrants, Asylum Seeks and Refugees to become financially independent through their handmade crafts and ideas. The mentorship, guidance and training opportunities has been phenomenal. The Stepping Stones Small Business Training Program held in conjunction with Small Business Victoria has helped prepare me.

18. I am multi skilled and spend non studio days supporting vulnerable groups in the community. If you need Speakers or creatives for community collaborations, I would love to hear from you. Thank you for your time.
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