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  • Summer Dress Melbourne

    Summer Dress Melbourne – geometric


    Summer dress Melbourne, African fashion in Australia summer dress Melbourne – Tilda. Summer dress Melbourne, Tilda shift dress featuring brightly coloured African print fashion, new release in Australia.

    Above knee length dress.

    Long invisible zip at the back

    Pair of inside pockets.

    Knitted edges and seam allowance

    Beautiful body contour dress



    BUST 108CM / WAIST 88 / HEIGHT 113CM


    BUST 114CM / WAIST 94CM  / HEIGHT  119CM

    Australian made Design

  • c;ick on image to Akos creative shop

    African Print Blazer Women’s Fashion


    African Print Blazer Women’s Fashion. Express your individuality with this medium size casual outer wear. It features bold geometric print in gold, neatly set on a gorgeous red background. African wax print Ankara fashion for women. This Front opening by button, two inside pockets will impress.

    Ethical African fashion Australia

    Only one available, buy limited edition high quality African fashion in Australia for women. Ethical fashion focuses on reducing waste. Because, we try and minimise  waste during production, we focus on creating few clothing runs per collection.

    We buy only high-quality African wax print fabrics. Did you know that fair trade means, paying fair prices for local materials. I buy fabrics and beads from Ghana for my African fashion shop.

    Now, all the off cuts from clothing manufacture I use in creating handmade jewellery. When I rescue fabric pieces for use in jewelry making it makes my fashion design is sustainable. More over, this stylish blazer jacket in African print fabric has longer terrm safety for our environment.

    Handmade African clothing in Melbourne

  • Krobo Beads Necklace – Korle kaa


    Vibrant green and red beaded necklace, with red chevron design Krobo beads mixed with acrylic beads.

    Comes in adjustable cord easy slip on Waterproof beaded necklace. Average – Light weight, available in other colors.
    Weight 110g approx
    Necklace length 86cm approx.
    Chevron bead 3mmx20mm
    Waxed cotton.
    Slide knot with bead
    Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

    Chevron beads lucky I met you today. Just the right type of gift I wanted for this special friend. It is weighs just about 20grams- not heavy just adorable. I ll pick some bracelets and fabric mask to match.

  • Sale! Ladies Blouse Cotton

    Summer dresses Melbourne


    Summer dresses Melbourne, African fashion in Australia. Selling limited edition summer dresses made from high quality African wax print cotton fabrics.

    One-off summer dresses to buy in Melbourne.

    Buy my limited-edition summer fashion dresses in Melbourne this season at discount prices.

    • Geometric print floral party dress, multicolored, with V neck shoulder cocktail dress. Fully lined with polyester, 1-inch seam allowance. This fabric will not run in the wash. [Size 14 -L  B 40inches, W 32.5inches, DRL=39in H 42inches.
    • Green shift dress with dark red floral motif print, open round neck, sleeveless, frills at the bottom of a knee-length shift dress. Fully lined with polyester, 1-inch seam allowance, neatly sewn with top stitching.  Size 16 (XL) – B 42inches, W 34.5in, DRL=40inches, H 44inches.
    • Teal colored floral Party Formal or Wedding dress. Sleeveless, fully lined with polyester, 1-inch seam allowance. This fabric will not run in the wash. Size 10 (L) – B 36inches, W 28.5inches, DRL=39in H 40inches.
    • Angelina print dress red-pink color with yellow floral designs, Sleeveless, Spaghetti shoulder, Fully lined with polyester, 1-inch seam allowance. This fabric will not run in the wash. Size 10 (S) -Size 10 B:36inch/ W:30inch/ ACB:14cinch/ DRL:38cm/ H:40inch.
    • Handmade African clothing in Melbourne
  • Fabric earrings, Corona blue

    African fashion earrings


    African fashion earrings  – Corona Sun, fabric Geometric drop earrings. Handmade from Ankara fabric, finished with acrylic beads and hypoallergenic sterling silver French hooks for sensitive skin jewelry for women.

    Available in other colours print fabrics, shapes and sizes.
    Weight 10g approx
    Length with hook 12cm long, 5cm wide approx.
    Wax print cotton
    Hypoallergenic jewelry

    Stainless Steel Hook/ Gold Plated Hook/ Sterling Silver Hook.
    Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

    Also, celebrate your resilience through challenging times with these gorgeous pair of yellow motif on blue cotton fabric.