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Know these Mental Health Recovery Secretes | Mindfulness under Just 5-minutes

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Mental health recovery is no longer a secret and shouldn’t have ever been in the first place. In fact, mental health treatment, must be accessible at all times. So why are some people still struggling to keep a healthy mind and headspace? Today, my focus is about you and your mind health.

So, before I go ahead with the how’s shall I ask you this simple mind teaser? ls your mental health in need of a little TLC? You’re not alone- as the year draws to a close, there are several things possibly competing for your mind space.

Mindfulness in Handcrafts

We’ve got just the remedy for you – the mindfulness in handcrafts. Here is where Akos Creative’s stunning range of handcraft fabric earrings could make a difference to your mental wellbeing. Our earrings not only make a fashion statement, but they also have the power to uplift your spirits and promote mindfulness.

When it is our own self-care and mental health recovery, it is even more important to indulge in mindfulness. This is where, our jewelry offers a unique way to be indulgent without an apology. I always break out in a joyful grin whenever my customers share with me the benefits of retail therapy. Even trained therapists are recommending my colourful jewelry to some of their clients.

At Akos Creative, we believe in the power of mental health recovery. We believe that our handmade jewelry can positively transform your mindset and enhance your well-being. Our fabric earrings are meticulously crafted with love and care, using vibrant and colourful fabrics that are sure to catch the eye. Each pair is designed to make you look fabulous.

When it comes to mental health recovery our crafted jewelry pieces can bring you to a happier place. For instance, our intricately hand painted Krobo beads necklace can remind you to [ause and take a moment for yourself.

The fact simple acts can make huge difference towards mental health recovery. It can start when we do simple things such as, close our eyes, relax our muscles and then breathe deeplySo, from right where you are, you too can embrace simple mindfulness in your daily life.

The Role of Crafts in Mental Health Recovery

Why fabric earrings, someone like you might want to ask? Does crafts actually have a role in mental health recovery, mindfulness and self care? I would like to draw your mind to the aethetic qualities of textile crafts you may not have noticed.

You see, a pair of beautiful dangle fabric earrings, for intstance offer more than fashion accessories. Have you noticed how our gorgeous geometric earrings sway when worn? In fact, their softness can be incredibly soothing. As you wear them, the movement of the fabric creates a calming sensation.

These moments can draw you into the present moment, helping you let go of stress and worries. It’s like a mini meditation session just for you. Now, this is therapy that you can carry with you wherever you go. How good is that?

Incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine is essential for maintaining good mental health recovery. Our fabric earrings act as a gentle reminder to pause, appreciate the beauty around you, and practice self-care. Just a few moments of mindfulness can make a world of difference in how you tackle the challenges of everyday life.

Therapeutic Qualities in Handcrafted Earrings

A number of my customers have experienced these therapeutic qualities in handcrafted earrings. In fact, I create fabric jewelry for this same reason. Aside the colour, tactile art with use of Ankara fabric is very soothing. So, why not treat yourself to Akos Creative’s handcrafted fabric earrings today? After all, your Mental health recovery depends on this.

So, as we approach Christmas and New Year Festivities you deserve to indulge in some retail therapy. Black Friday sales is around the corner. Now is the best time to wear colourful handmade jewelry that nurtures your mental well-being?

You see, each pair of fabric geometric earring is made with the utmost love and attention to detail. I personally ensure that you receive not only a beautiful accessory, but also a source of comfort and positivity. This way, I set you up well for a positive mental health recovery.

Where to Get the Best Self Care

If therapy is so simple and effective in just under 5-minutes, anyone can do it right? The simple answer to this honest question is yes- of course. Just head over to our website at www.akoscreative.com to explore our wide selection of fabric earrings.

With their unique designs and vibrant colors, it’s easy to find a pair that resonates with your personal style and enhances your self-care routine. Your mental health deserves the best, and we’re here to provide it! Positive mental health recovery

Remember, taking care of your mental health is an ongoing journey. Let Akos Creative’s handmade jewelry be your companion along the way, reminding you to prioritize yourself, practice mindfulness, and indulge in a bit of retail therapy that aligns with your values.

Don’t wait – shop now at www.akoscreative.com and embark on a journey of self-care and mental well-being with Akos Creative’s handcrafted fabric earrings!”

Ten Signs Your Mental Health Need TLC

Ten signs your mental health needs TLC- yes great new Tender Loving Care. So when and how do you know that it’s time to pay attention your mental health? I have been helping people in the community for nearly twenty years and here are my best ten ways:

– Feeling constantly overwhelmed or unable to cope with daily tasks and responsibilities.

– Experiencing persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness.

– Having difficulty concentrating or making decisions.

– Withdrawing from social activities and isolating yourself from friends and family.

– Changes in appetite and sleep patterns – either eating and sleeping too much or too little.

– Increased irritability, anger, or agitation, and finding it hard to control your emotions.

– Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that you used to enjoy.

– Physical symptoms such as frequent headaches, stomachaches, or unexplained aches and pains.

– Thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

– Struggling with substance abuse or turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it’s essential to pay attention to your mental health and seek support. Reach out to a trusted friend or family member, or consider speaking with a mental health professional. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, and you deserve to prioritize your well-being.

Take the first step towards better mental health today. Always remember that your Mental health recovery journey starts right here- Akos Mental Wellness.

Professional Help for Mental Health Symptoms lasting over two weeks

Seek Professional Help for Mental Health Symptoms lasting over two weeks. This is a simple guide but very important. You need to know when to go beyound therapy for Mental health recover. In all Australian states and local communities, there are professional Psychologists, councillors and Social Workers to consult about your mental health recovery. Therapists can work with you to minimise the negative emotional issues.

In fact, as a community we all need to come toegther to help build a resilience in one another. Do you agree? I hope you see my point. What I aways tell my clients as a trained Social Worker is this – when it becomes too much to handle your mental health recovery – don’t shy from seeking supports.

Seeking help towards mental wellbeing and recovery can be as simple as speaking to your local doctor. Most doctors and clinical workers are aware and trained to assess mental health. But you need to let somone know how you are feeling- otherwise no one else knows.

So, remember to always seek professional help if your mental health symptoms persist over two weeks or simply not improving.

How I Indulge in Therapeutic Handmade Fashion Accessories
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Akos Creative is an Australian owned African Inspired Jewelry and Accessories brings joy to Australians who love hand made fashion. If I am not creating bracelets with colourful recycled beads, I am supporting amazing people in the community. Check out my other projects: Joy Restoration, EthicalPreneur, African Diaspora Lens.

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