Revealing the truth behind the growth of our online business

Taking my handmade jewellery online.

It is timely to reveal some of the growth stories of our online business. In fact, when it comes to fashion and style, everyone has their own unique taste and preferences. I love colours as an African and so, soon I had more free time on my hand, I delved into craft research.

Particularly, I started trying my hands on making fabric earrings. As a result, those leisure hours of combing through opportunity shops for haberdashery finally paid off. Guess what, I discovered ways to combine buttons, strips of African wax print fabric and earring hooks.

Lest I forget, I embarked on a little project during my holiday visit to Ghana in 2013. I teamed up with a local seamstress where we made my first collection of African print fabric. I kept most of the off cuts and brought the back with me to Australia.

Akos Creative: a passion for Ghanaian beads and fashion design trends

Handmade Crafts can help Improve Mental Health

Through out the pandemic and the lock down, I spent those hours experimenting with various fabrics, beads and jewellery findings. This was because, I was very keen to come up with new designs. For which reason, I had lots of those early dawn wake up buzzes where my mind spill with fresh ideas and colours. So, as soon as I wake, I would grab a cuppa, hop straight online, and watch all the You Tube videos on jewellery making.

Through out the pandemic and the lock down, I spent those hours experimenting with various fabrics, beads and jewellery findings.

Not surprising that this was the only thing that got me out of bed was to bring an idea to reality. So, for me this was great outcome considering I lost motivation for everything else in life. Next time you lose momentum and the desire to do anything, look around and ask yourself, how was this thing put together. Give yourself a project and if simple steps don’t do it for you, then it is time to seek professional help for low mood.

Improving Sense of Self Worth with Handmade Crafts

My craftsmanship, skills and knowledge in the tools and materials of jewellery making improved greatly with time. More over, persistence paid off. You Tube videos, craft books from the local library and   mid night thought bubble all helped. By day I started falling in love with what I created by hand. I gave some away as gifts. Then I realized I actually enjoyed hearing feedback. In the long run, I gained so much insight into my jewellery business by observing the reactions of friends. Soon after, I came home to improve my craft until I felt confident to share y hand made jewellery with the community. 

Best Craft Markets to Sell Your Handmade Jewellery in Melbourne

Next time you lose momentum and the desire to do anything, look around and ask yourself, how was this thing put together. Give yourself a project and if simple steps don’t do it for you, then it is time to seek professional help for low mood.

Tarius, my girl friend and I teamed up to start what became our African themed venture. Tarius sews beautiful print fabric bags. I made and sold my colourful earrings, which became popular in the markets. We started off at good old Abbotsford Convent, located in the inner city suburb of Melbourne.

When my girl friend moved on to new projects, I continued to other popular markets like CERES Market in Brunswick, the Rose Street Market in Fitzroy. Post COVID -19 lock down I might be holding stalls in some of these nice cosy hipster community. These places are a makers market and haven for people who love al thing ethical and fair trade.

By this time I had a few collections of African rope necklaces and Krobo beaded bracelets and beautiful array of earrings to brighten my stall. This how Akos started putting us beautiful jewellery out there in Melbourne Markets.   

How COVID- 19 Re shaped our Handmade Jewellery

Now, my last market was at the Whittlesea Council where the Stepping Stones program organised a stall for us sell our hand made crafts to people that attended a conference. Then COVID- 19 pandemic came and all forms of social life ceased.

The year 2020 with its ‘shocks’ and bumps did actually grow my handmade jewellery business. Consequently, the Akoscreative Online Jewellery Shop went live on the world wide web!  I started looking into how I could continue selling jewellery. Online was the way to go and I was rater surprised at how successful this turned out.  As we all know, COVID-19 has taught us new ways to do things. I started making reversible facemasks too, and they sold well too.

At that point, I came to know the worth of masks and they are being so important for our safety. So after all the hard work, today I have probably the most wonderful 3 layer masks in stock. Some of the best growths in entrepreneurship come from unprecedented times. Challenging times do shape no matter how we chose to see it. I created more new fabric earrings during lock down.

the Akoscreative Online Jewellery Shop went live on the world wide web! 

Staying Healthy and Well through Handmade Fabric Crafts  

Reversible fabric headbands with side buttons to wear with fabric facemasks were popular in my new online shop. I am a health worker myself and I know how it feels to wear those elastic bands behind the ears for almost all day.

Beautiful ladies, let’s be honest, what is there not to like about pretty much all the hard work of committed health experts and human compassion that was exhibited far and wide during this Covid-19 flare-up. One thing stands true in this situation, that we all are connected.

How Nature Inspires and Transforms Our Design Thinking

I craft Jewellery for the love of making by hand and this is how I get inspired. I love going for walks in the open air as it helps me feel and take in the true beauty of nature. Let’s face it, our busy work lives steal those magic natural moments from us. Natural forms do something to my creative brain. As a jewellery designer, inspiration comes from natural forms.   

I seek inspiration from the everyday beauty from life and nature that allows my art to grow as natural as it is made. So, with just a click, grab a bargain from Akoscreative Online Jewelry Shop! Jewellery online are the same quality as you would buy from markets or from my stockists- Space 2be and Sisterworks. If anything all, by selling online, we can dedicate more time and attention to our handmade jewellery.

Nkania Collections are my hand made resin beads. I created it as I began searching for approaches to make vivid African print texture waterproof and longest enduring. My African Resin beads turned out splendid – simply how I would have wanted them. 

Home made resin
Resin beads

Buy Statement Handmade Jewellery Online and in Shop

People are drawn to vintage jewellery because they remind us of our traditional past. So it is not surprising that our Oblayoo jewellery collection with this nostalgic feeling resonates this exudes. To cite as an example, colourful ones like Ayiloh, Saasa, Dede, and Afiba fabric earrings are still popular with shoppers. Did you know that Oblayoo means young lady? Likewise, we craft to make our customers look young and fresh every day.

Now, can I let you on one of my trade secrets? I made up a portion of these names from the subsidiaries of African Ghanaian names and places. My small business is my ‘child’ and I name it so too—- as Ga and Ga-Adangbe names.

Easy Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gifting is the most beautiful way to express your appreciation and love to those you care about. Similarly, wrapping things up with love and care is another way we add value to our crafted accessories. To add to this, all our earrings, beaded bracelets and necklaces are neatly wrapped and conveniently placed into drawstring organza bags ready for gifting. With a little message card that adds to the happy feeling and love, all carefully put together by hand.

Why Customers Keep Coming Back- It’s in the Service

Our clients are the reason we keep doing what we love. For this reason, we feel that it is our obligation to serve you with all our passion. We respond to all enquiries and now have live chat. How our customers feel and think is very important to us. Payments are via PayPal, Stripe, or direct bank transfer all safe and secure. These are the safest payment option we found by research. We scraped shipping within Australia so our clients can focus on choosing what they feel drawn. We can always deliver to stockiest for pick up if that works for you. Refunds are also available for your peace of mind.

To summarise our story, we feel it has been so wonderful to be able to share our story with you today. Please contact us or follow us on social media. Sign up to our Newsletter for a 10% discount with your first purchase from us. Shopping for online jewellery has never been easier. Come shop handmade fabric earrings with us.

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Akos African Fabric Tassels earrings
Akos African Fabric Tassels earrings Fabric earrings

Akos Creative has been crafting and writing about jewellery and the Ghanaian culture and fashion since 2014. You can contact Akos on [email protected] to chat about assisting your own small business growth.

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