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Oustanding facts about African jewellery you may never find elsewhere is now revealed


Outstanding facts about African jewellery you wouldn’t find elsewhere now revealed. Be emmersed by the allure of African-inspired jewellery. Find out what makes our handmade jewellery truly unique. So, let me take you onto a journey of embracing true elegance. In fact, the essence of cultural diversity is recognizing the power crafted acessories carries. 

If ever in doubt, I would like you to pay attention to the sense of empowerment you experience. Especially whenever you wear African jewellery. 

Now, I want to help develop your knowledge about the facts of African jewellery, culture and fashion. To do this, I have curated a list of informative research articles on the subject of African fashion. These articles are written by renowned authors around the world.


Read relevant online journals reveal the facts about African jewellery, tradtional fashion and culture. Here are my best five readings and online links to check out. These sources do not only educate about tradtional fashion and jewellery, but alos explain what makes them unique :

1. “African Fashion, Global Style: Histories, Innovations, and Ideas You Can Wear”

by Victoria L. Rovine.

This book explores the historical and cultural significance of African fashion, including traditional garments and jewellery. Available on ResearchGate. 

Access the free PDF copy by clickingn this link. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/282894828_African_Fashion_Global_Style_Histories_Innovations_and_Ideas_You_Can_Wear_Rovine

2. “African Textiles Today”

by Chris Spring.

Although not solely focused on the facts of African jewellery, this book examines the diverse range of textiles and clothing traditions across Africa, which often involve intricate beadwork and adornments. Available on Amazon 

Click here to purchase the book

3. “African Beads: Jewels of a Continent” by Evelyn Simak and Carl Dreibelbis. This publication delves into the history and significance of beads in African cultures, showcasing their use in jewellery, adornments, and cultural practices. Available on Amazon: 

Also available here. Buy from African Direct

4. Journal article: “African Traditional Jewellery: Celebrating Cultural Expressions” by Kofi Quan-Baffour. This article, published in the Journal of Social Sciences, examines the symbolism and cultural importance of African traditional jewellery in various ethnic groups. Accessible online: https://www.researchgate.net\/publication/323310629_African_Traditional_Jewelry_Celebrating_Cultural_Expressions

5. Website: The African Heritage House.

This website features articles and resources on African fashion and jewellery, showcasing the diverse traditions, materials, and styles from different African countries. Click this link to read about the African Heritage House.


These readings and online links provide valuable insights into the world of African traditional fashion and jewellery. It will allow you to delve deeper into the cultural significance and beauty of the African jewellery and fashion art forms.

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Discover the magic of our exquisite pieces, carefully crafted with love. Also bearing utmost attention to detail. Each jewellery item tells a story, capturing the spirit and heritage of Africa. From delicate beaded bracelets to statement necklaces adorned with vibrant African prints. Discover some of our most beautiful collection showcases the artistry and cultural richness of the continent.

So, choose African-inspired handmade jewellery. Study the facts about African jewellery and fashion. This way, allow your personal style to speak for itself. So, please join us on this journey of elegance and empowerment. Allow us to adorn the world with the beauty and facts about African jewellery and culture.

Indulge in the allure of Africa and showcase your extraordinary style today!

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Akos Creative is a self taught jewellery designer, with great passion for colourful African wax print fabrics. Crafting colourul fabric prints is a great way to reconnect with self and to restore joy. Akos is a social enttreprise supporting marginalised groups in Australia to rebuild their lives. Follow Akoscreative, watch behind the scene videos on youtube, and connect to become friends.

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