Beaded Bracelets, made locally here in Melbourne using Krobo recycled glass beads imported from Ghana. So, Krobo beads are made using recycled glass that would other wise go into landfil. And, by using these glass, less harm is done to our envionment.

So, Krobo beads are hand crafted by local Ghanaian artisans. And, artisans pour molten glass into clay moulds. Then, the beads when formed are hand painted and oxidised so colours do not fade or stain.

There are different types of Krobo beads. Transluscent or matt finished glass recylced beads. Also, colorful and intricate hand painted beads incduing Chevron beads. More so, beads come in various sizes and shapes. So, we use small and large beads. And, we use round beads for bracelets.

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