Now, our Akos Clothing has in stock summer African dresses, skirts and tops. Here, you can buy with confidence because these cotton dresses and outfits are made to highest tailoring standards. So, you can touch and feel the strong seams. Also, see impeccable stitching and perfectly contoured garmets that fit well.

The size and measurements of Akos Clothing follow the Australian standard measurements. Please refer to the Sizing Chart provided on this page.

Now, we trade fair with local Ghanaian seamstress for our range of summer clothing now in stock. Here, Akos Clothing runs a collaborative work with our local Seamstress. So, Tryphena is an experienced seamstress who teaches other young girls. We pay Tryphena fair price for her work so she can support her apprentices. Also, she can buy good quality materials for our Akos clothing.

So, since we like to support local Ghanaian small businesses, encourage self sutainance, and help safe the environment, please shop with us. Hence, we rescue all the fabric offcuts, and even trimmings from  for use in our handcrafted earrings and accessories studio here in Melbourne. Because, at Akoscreative, we endeavor to minimise waste any way possible.

Also, when you buy from us, you empower both local and Ghanaian women to become financially independent, through their creative small business ideas.

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