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    Ghana Krobo beads bracelet-blue wapi


    Ghana Krobo beads bracelet, blue wapi colour tone to suit all tastes and styles. Add a splash of color to your wrist with our stylish Krobo beads bracelets. Discover the beauty of African-inspired accessories. Buy Now! African inspired fashion for all occasions

    2 variations available.
    Weight 10g approx
    Feature bead size 25mm x15mm approx.

    Krobo bead size 15mm x10mm

    Beaded bracelet size 22cm., will fit 15cm wrist
    Durable elastic cord.
    Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

    Waterproof jewellery, light weight.

  • Recycled Glass Beads Bracelet | Akos Creative

    Recycled Glass Beads Bracelet- Ohema


    Recycled Glass Beads Bracelet – ROYAL- Ohema collection, featuring bold recycled glass beads from Ghana. Now, Discover the statement of symbolic traditional beaded jewelry. Choose from gold or silver plated variation of metal non-tarnish highlight.

    Available in other colors and designs.
    Weight 30g approx
    Bead size 12mm approx.

    Recycled Glass Beads Bracelet has spacer beads made from other beads. And, Krobo bead bracelet feature brass gold or silver plated metal hollow bead. Addionally, other beaded bracelet designs have symbolic charms such as Ghana Adinkra Symbol.

    Beaded bracelet size 22cm., will fit 15cm wrist
    Elastic cord.
    Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

  • Sale! Boho Earrings Seed Bead Jewelry. Buy Now

    Beaded Earrings Boho Jewelry


    Beaded Earrings Boho style Australia – Now you can Add a Splash of colour to everyday Fashion! Buy Now! Handcrafted Boho Earrings with Floral Motif. Boho earrings, perfect for adding a touch of serene green to any outfit!

    Each pair is lovingly handwoven with tiny seed beads and finished with elegant long fringe for a truly unique look.

    Crafted with hypoallergenic stainless steel French silver hooks,

    Suitable for sensitive skin. Women’s jewelry finished with stainless steel French hooks and plastic stoppers.

    I craft jewellery to style effortlessly with colourful African clothing with bold print designs.

    • Vertical dangle drop earrings
    • halfmoon shape
    • Size 10cm x 3.5cm
    • Dangles to about 11cm with metal French hook
    • Weighs about 10grams
    • Ethically made from colurful seed beads.
    • Handmade in Melbourne
  • Krobobeads_bracelets_Blue_Akoscreative

    Krobo beads bracelet -Boho


    Krobo beads bracelets – Boho, Stackable handcrafted beaded jewelry in monotone designs. Gift handmade jewellery,

    African fashion accessories that fits all sizes and tastes. Friendship bracelets, for lasting relationshop.

    Available in other colors and designs.
    Weight 30g approx
    Bead size 12mm approx.

    Krobo bead mixed with other beads

    Beaded bracelet size 22cm., will fit15cm wrist
    Clear and strong Elastic cord.

    Waterproof jewellery, light weight.
    Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

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    Bomber Jacket for kids & toddlers


    Bomber jacket for kids & toddlers, African prints jackets for children’s fashion. Buy locally made kids clothing for kids and toddlers birthday, childrens costume party. Good quality and great value for money Kids fashion casual jacket. Popular kids motif featuring red Sekhele (umbrella) and butterfly print design.

    Now includes the skirt as bomber jacket set

    Available sizes, 3-4T, 5-6Y and 7-8Y.

    Kids Size Chart

    To avoid sizinf issues please physically measure your kids waist to make sure our skirt sizes are the right fit. The waist dimensions of our skirts may be approx 2cm smaller even with elastic stretch.

    UK European US AU
    2-3 92-98 cm 3T 3
    *3-4 98-104 cm 4T 4
    4-5 104-110 cm 5 5
    *5-6 110-116 cm 6 6
    6-7 116-122 cm 7 7
    *7-8 122-128 cm 8 8

    * Available sizes

    Kid’s skirts manual measurement

    Now you can have the accurate measurement for the kids skirts.

    1. Firstly, take a tape measurement. Then, position end of tape to the right hip side of child.
    2. Secondly, bring the tape measure to end on the left side of child’s waist.
    3. Lastly, bring the width to the skirt waist band to measure from left end to the right end.

    Please, here are my manual measurement of kids matching skirts available. Manual measurement means:

    • I lay the kids skirt flat on a table, then I use a flat rule to measure the eaist band width
    • Additionally, I peg to the table edge, left end of the waist band. This allows me to stretch the elastic waist band to full width.
    • At full stretch, I measure from left end to the farthest side right end of the skirt.

    Manual measurement of Kids Skirt  

    Size T4

    Waist band when stretched         26.5cm or9.5 inch

    Waist band not stretch                 20cm. 8inch

    Size T6

    Waist band when stretched       31cm   13 inch

    Waist band not stretch                 23.5cm. 9.4inch

    Size Y8

    Waist band not stretch                29cm.   11.5inch

    Waist band  stretched                  32cm.   13inch

    Why choose our bomber jackets for your kids

    Choose our bomber jacket set with matching skirts. The Sekhele (umbrella) bomber jacket is chic and stylish.

    So, get the kids confident in our sustainable fashion jackets. More so, our bomber jacket combines style, comfort, and durability. So, this is an essential addition to your little one’s wardrobe.

    Featuring the classic bomber jacket look

    Durable metal zipper
    Full front metal zipper closure
    Side pockets
    Inside breast pocket pouch
    Unique personality and style.
    Matching knee length skirt with elastic waist band

    Material: 100% Cotton
    Black polyester lining
    Sewn in labels

    Handmade in Melbourne by the Akos team