Summer Dresses Melbourne

Summer dresses Melbourne, showcasing these beautiful, limited edition African fabric dresses. Here, I handmade this collection using some of Ghana’s most loved African wax print fabric. I enjoy handpicking colourful African wax print cotton fabrics when holidaying in Accra, Ghana. More so, I collaborate with local Ghanaian designers to help grow their small business, and also, develop their own skills.

The Akos Clothing label uses sustainable and ethical trading standards to bring Melbournians best in African fashion. Choose from  contemporary slow fashion, and exotic summer dresses. Also, in this collection, are ladies’ skirts, pants, and tops. So, see and feel these impeccable stitching and perfectly contoured garments that fit well. The size and measurements of Akos Clothing follow the Australian standard measurements. Please refer to the Sizing Chart provided on this page.

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