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  • Contemporary Female African American Digital Art.

    Line drawings of faces


    Line drawings of faces are original and scalable. I hand draw them by combining traditional artistic techniques with modern digital technology.

    Line drawings to scale and print at home

    It is easy download high-resolution and sharp line drawing of women onto your computer. The file size is about 5MB which you can send via email to your local printer.  You can also print easily on your home printer. The file types for high resolution and scalable prints is PDF.  It is a Portable Document Format PDF for this reason. PDF are the only file formats available in scalable larger formats.

    *No physical products shipped with this purchase – digital files will be sent via the email address you send me.

    What does 300 dpi mean?

    High resolution digital files are 300 dpi (dots per inch) per square
    space). You can view each dot as black  ink. Because of this high density of black ink dots, the line drawing will prints as sharp and crisp without any blur at all.

    File Size up to 5 MB (1,495,524 bytes).

    Line art drawing print sizes

    You can recieve tow main sizes of International Paper Sizes

    • A4 Paper size is 8x12inches,
    • A5 Paper size is 4x6inches
    We transfer free

    If your line art of faces digital artwork is larger than the email size limit, I will use We transfer free. This is how it works. You will recieve a link through your email. The email message will contain a linke where you click and download all files via

    No Sign Up required. Just accept the Terms of Use to link to all the your line art of faces files.