Printable Art – Akosua

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Printable art.

Small 5cmx5cm

Medium 21cm x 29cm

Large 29cm X42cm

Printable art РAkosua, digital artwork  So, download high resolution and printable artworks here. And, African line art, printable for use as framed wall hanging, desktop picture or canvas art. And, single-use print artwork recommended. Also, for individual single use only.

Now, the 100 Day Challenge drawing helped me to create these art works at home. Also, process gave me the opportunity to reflect on my art and to find new ways to express my creativity. Today, I am showcasing these artworks as digital prints which you can download and use as personalized art for your own, single use. I have available various digital sizes to suit your needs. You may purchase the smaller size for artwork on items such as Mugs or Personal Calendars. Larger wall hangings or canvas art will require artwork with larger resolution.

Please contact me if you need clarification on how these work. [email protected]

So, I own Full Copyrights to these artworks.

Now, please contact me if you wish to use these Line Art Works for any other purpose including for Social Media Posts.


A3, A4, A5, A6

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