Geometric Earrings – Adinkra

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Ghana Adinkra symbols on brightly coloured Kente print fabric. Now in adorable pair of beaded geometric fabric
earrings. My hand crafted geometric fabric earrings, are finished with
non-tarnish gold plated hooks. Made using fabric off cuts. and are
environmentally friendly.

Available in gold yellow and blue, deep blue and green.

Reverse design vary

Slight variations in each earring,
and from each pair

  • halfmoon shape
  • Size 7cm x 3.5cm
  • Plus look dangles to  7.7cm
  • Weight 10grams
  • Handmade in Melbourne

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Buy my colourful geometric earrings Adinkra print fabric designs. Lighttight weight drop geometric shape earrings, non-allergic and non-tarnish gold plated French hooks.

I crafted to these bold and colourful earrings to dangle to about 12cm. My new collection of Oblayoo jewellery feature interesting traditional Ghanaian African symbols which has meaning.

So, you can now experience contemporary Ghanaian fashion jewellery. Carefully handmade to match any dark or light shade outfit. Great for formal and informal fashion styles.

Buy, colourful beaded statement jewellery to support local businesses who also support other social causes. Do you like collecting geometric shape earrings with fancy beadwork?

If so, add  this halfmoon shaped earrings in colourful African fabric. And finished with sterling silver French hooks or gold plated hooks.

These pair of beauties are handmade to impress. Beaded geometric earrings look feminine and are very charming.

For this reason, I use colourful beads with contrasting colours. And, you will find round beads set onto yellow recycled glass beads.

Materials used

Delica seed beads, round seed beads, fabric off cuts, paper card stock beading wire.

Earring hook vary from gold plated and sterling silver hooks.

Where is this product made?

I hand craft my earrings here in Melbourne. I use fabric off cuts and other clean materials I rescue to halo safe the environment.

Weight 6 g

Main Colour


Print Design


Fabric Name



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