Krobo Beads Bracelets – Aluwa

$ 20.00

Available in other colors and designs.
Weight 30g approx
Bracelet size 22cm.
Elastic cord.
Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

Once in my lifetime I will wear intricate handmade beads, featuring some of the oldest tradition in bead making. I ll pick two of those other bright colours to match. I am so happy I chose outside of my box today. It Feels great.

Availability: 1 in stock

Krobo Beads Bracelets – Aluwa, from our Ashinao Collection
Here, we have a limited selection of intricate handmade beads. So, special about these handcrafted bracelets are their interesting patterns and colors. Also, our Krobo recycled glass beads are hand crafted. And by using one of the oldest tradition in bead making. So, our Bracelets showcased here are very limited editions- 1 or 2 same bead in stock.

So, buy now, ONLY one left of the white, orange hand painted on black beaded bracelets, and the  orange and black bracelets.

You can customise the charms and tassels.

Ashinao – Intricate Bracelets Mix (All Day Bracelets)
So, why not sweeten up the occasion with these intricate hand-painted recycled glass Krobo beads stretch bracelets. Also, you can combine with as many bracelets as you wish. So, it is a perfect addition to your outfit at any time of the year!. Also Packaged in a little organza gift bad and message card.

Weight 20 g

Main Colour

Print Design



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