Krobo Beads Necklace Set – Korlewor

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Krobo Beads Necklace Set- Korlewor, in orange with red and green linear designs.

I know – the beauty of these recycled glass beads are in the size. Bold and beautiful yet not that heavy around the neck at all. Just about 25grams weight. She can wear it and he too can wear it. Unisex, Gender fluid Fashion statement jewellery. Here, you can match with any of our summer dresses or Krobo beads bracelets.

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Krobo Beads Necklace Set- Korlewor, in orange with red and green linear designs. Also, a pair of earrings to match. Korlewor beaded necklace comes with an adjustable slide knot fastening. Cord length is 55cm long approximate.

Here, we present recycled glass Krobo beads in Chevron design. These patterns on the beads form part of the actual bead material. More so, they do not rub off, stain clothing or fade with time. None of our hand painted Krobo beads fade or stain. All Krobo beads are water proof.They are crafted to be hard, tough and to resist scratches or abrasions. The intricate line works are formed by oxidation during firing in kiln.

Now, we handpicked these stunning and sizeable trade beads from Krobo Odumase, Ghana. Here, recycled glass is crushed and heated to molten form inside clay molds by artisan craftsmen. Now, making recycled beads are the main preoccupation of the folks men. Also, women who trade their handcrafted beads make a living distributing and selling these traditional beads. Therefore, Krobo bead making is a thriving industry. More so, the local people make a living making Krobo beads. So, we love to support our local Ghanaian industries. Hence, we pay fair prices for these exotic beads.

Because several strings of beads when carried together, they do have weight. The cost of bringing these beads over to Melbourne from Ghana can be quite high. But, for the love of sharing our African culture, we try and minimize the cost to our valued customers here in Melbourne. Now, we can do this by using only the best quality beads to craft our jewellery. This is because, we also value our environment and support recycling processes used in making these unique glass beads in Ghana. Also, we only offer our clients high quality and environmentally friendly handmade jewellery at fair prices.

So, Korlewor recycled glass beads necklaces are not heavy as they appear. This is because, we designed them to be lighter weight necklaces. Also, they are very easy wear by simply slipping the cord over your head. After, you can easily adjustable the length of the necklace by using the slide knot cord at the back. Here, you have the perfect gift for her or him. We neatly package these fabulous traditional necklaces in a small gift box.

Also, we include a small print message card or small handwritten note upon request.

Make a Personal wish- be unapologetic with these intricate beads. We believe that you would love our range of  fashion statement necklaces. These, bold Chevron beads do get the right attention every time. You can easily accessorise using lighter tones of dominant colour. Or, you could accentuate the minimal colour present in the bead, with block-colored dress. A set of earrings to match in Gift Box.

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