Corporate gifts Melbourne


Corporate gifts Melbourne, handmade jewellery, accessories, and fashion in wholesale quantities.

Now, Corporate gifts Melbourne at best wholesale pricing. So, you can now buy high quality handmade jewellery at discounted priced from my shop. Therefore, I handcraft these colourful jewellery and accessories here in Australia.

So, Corporate gifts Melbourne offers jewellery at wholesale. Certainly, these gorgeous, beaded earrings, bracelets and the headwraps are high quality. So, ask me about other jewellery in this shop for corporate wholesale gifts. Select from colourful recycled glass, Krobo beads necklace.

And the bracelet are made from authentic Ghana Krobo beads. All my wholesale product are at lower prices.

Handmade jewellery wholesale quantities price guide

Fabric earrings: 1- 5 pcs = $30,   6-24<pcs = $20  

Headwraps: 1- 5 pcs = $30,   6-24< pcs = $20 

Krobo beads bracelets: 1- 5 pcs = $30,   6-24< pcs = $20

Handmade in Australia


Corporate gifts Melbourne, offering wholesale ethical jewellery. Handcrafted beaded jewellery using exotic and local materials. Buy colourful beaded earrings, recycled glass beads, Ghana kente cloth and African Fashion. Choose my diverse and unique crafted fashion accessories. Each piece is the perfect corporate gift idea, group gifts, thank you gifts for all occassions.

Now, your team and community can choose from a range of multicultural theme gifts. Locally made to reflect Australia’s diverse cultural tastes in fashion and crafts. So, here at Akos Creative Marketplace, discover beautiful and good quality crafted gifts. Did you know that our marketplace offers authentic fairtrade products? Most of Akoscreative materials are handpicked directly from Ghana. We trade fair, and support local Ghanaian small businesses.

Best Corporate gifts Melbourne.

Best corporate gifts Melbourne, here are the reasons to buy corporate gifts from Akos Marketplace.

What are corporate gifts is a common question that customers ask. The simple answer to this question is, here. Corporate gifts are quality products that organisations buy at wholesale price.

Organisations buy from Corporate gifts Melbourne in large quantities because it cost effective when they buy more. So, in buying bulk handmade beaded bracelets for instance, they can give them away. Corporate businesses give gifts to customers and staff to show appreciation.

So, here I is my best corporate gifts om offfer to make the best impression:

  1. Beaded jewellery– beads are adorable and reflect diversity and unity. Local government organisation chooses exotic beads to reflect the multicultural diversity of their communities.
  2. Geometric earrings , colourful Ghana Kente is one for the ladies
  3. Long scarfe African headwraps- suitable for use as table runner in the home.
Why choose Corporate gifts Melbourne from Akos Creative Marketplace?
  • Firstly, my corporate gifts Melbourne and wholesale have started as social enterprise.
  • I am part of a group of women starting their small business in Melbourne.
  • In fact, I can run my handmade unique jewellery business from home.
  • Moreover, I support other local small business owners in Ghana.
  • To do this, I buy locally crafted  recycled glass beads called, Krobo beads.
  • Lastly, I use exotic materials such as Krobo beads to create beaded bracelets and necklaces.
  • When I sell handmade jewellery here in Australia, part of the profit goes to support social causes.
  • So, choose corporate gifts made by ethical jewellery Melbourne, Australia.
  • Handmade earrings I craft are unique.
  • My jewellery also reflects the values of sustainable fashion and fair trade.
  • Corporate gifts by Akos Creative follow Australian made quality standards.
  • Additionally, my jewellery business reflects diversity, inclusion and the environment.

So, you can now create that lasting impression in your team. Buy my colourful African inspired jewellery and gifts handmade in Australia.

What are corporate gifts?.

icks for corporate gift hampers. Fabric earrings, beaded bracelets, beaded necklaces and fabric headwraps.

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1- 5 pcs = $30, 12- 24 = $22, 6-11 pcs = $25