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Aniwa African Print Fabric Bag

Buy Eco Tote Bag, Reusable and perfect for use as Picnic bag, Beach Bag, Shopping Bag

Reversible, Fully-lined Wine Bottle Gift Bag with handles, Wine Tote Bag, Carry bag, Picnic bag, wine bottle bag, Gift Packaging

  • Reversible
  • Reusable.
  • Linning.
  • Washable by Hand.
Size Information 

Aniwa Fabric Design

BD1 = Aniwa Fabric Design, Mustard & Purple colour, Zipper closure, and strap + (Mum n Babs, 19cmx 17cm)

Bag Size [Width40cmx Hieght38cm, Strap Height is 30cm]

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Buy Eco Tote Bag, Reusable and perfect for use as Picnic bag, Beach Bag, Shopping Bag, Gift Packaging Ideas, Champagn and Wine Carrier Bag.

You will get well made tote bags with sturdy fabric and handles. And, the print fabric designs are really beautiful and interesting look. Surely, this makes for Great locally handmade accessory. And, is so good for the environment, that is, they are Reusable, with Fully-lined and Reversible.Design.

So, my Wine Tote Bags are the perfect gift bag to dress up any bottle of wine, champagne, or any beverage bottle. I make these carry bags using our Ghanaian African print cotton fabrics. Also, with a fully lined carry bag using satin-like or polyester fabrics, your bottles saty cool longer. I insulate my bags with interfacing to make them sturdy, whilst keeping  cool longer. Featuring Light weight fabric with strong handles for easy carrier bag.

Now, I fold them to pack and so, once it arrives, you can straighten the bag out by giving it a quick warm to cool press. Then the tote bags look great before dressing them onto your bottle for Gifting. Also, Perfect for school or work or Christmas Gifting, Boxing Day Gifting. Same bag, you can put water bottle of wine or Champagne in it.

Accessorise with any of my fabric headbands, fabric earrings, or beaded bracelets and rope necklaces. Eco Face Masks in beautiful print fabrics are available now too.

Care instructions

My Eco Tote Bags are hand made to last a long time. They are made with cotton and lined with fusible interfacing.

Best to handwash in lukewarm light soapy water. Do not mix with white or plain clothing when washing for the first time. Rinse well, avoid strong detergents or fabric bleach. Hang out to dry away from direct sunlight.

Iron with warm press, test on another fabric first. Best iron to remove creases when fabric tote bag is partly damp. Do not leave the warm iron on top of fabric bag.

Store flat or use few folds.

Additional information

Weight 120 g

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