Fabric earrings for women


Fabric tassel earrings feature colourful African wax print fabrics.

  • Availlable in different wax print fabrics
  • Fabric tassels plus metal hooks weight 10grams approx
  • These are hand cut fabric tassels. And please expect difference between individual pairs.
  • Hypoallergenic metal French hooks or Stainless steel metals
  • Hooks and tassels reaches to about 12cm length,
  • Handmade in Melbourne


Fabric earrings for women crafted from tassel strips cut from colourful African wax print fabric. Super lightweight fashion earrings are safe for sensitive skin. I finish my fashion accessory with sterling silver French hooks.

Five unique attributes about my handmade jewellery

Five unique things about my jewellery collection. This is why you must own one of these dazzling pair of earrings.

  1. My handmade jewellery is safe for skin. I use hypoallergenic sterling silver French hooks. If I use gold plated metal hooks, then they safe for your skin as well.
  2. Sustainable fashion design which means, I use fabric off-cuts to avoid creating waste.
  3. I offer customized and personalized designs that allow you to be truly unique.
  4. I use artisanal craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail.
  5. My handmade jewellery includes limited-edition designs.  that make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

How to make fabric tassel earrings

  • To create the fabric earrings for women, first I need to cut the tassels.
  • I do this by ironing the creases out of my wax print cotton cloth.
  • Then, I fold cloth piece to the desired thickness and length.
  • I use sharp pair of scissors allows me to create clean cuts. For instance, I I can create clean straight cuts, or zig zag edges as desired.
  • Lastly, I allow my fabric tassels to drape to about 12 centimetres long.

Did you know that colourful earrings for women are very popular in Melbourne? So, if you want unique jewellery to give someone, buy African inspired jewellery from my shop.

  1. My handmade jewellery are simple and elegant.
  2. They are inspired by contemporary fashion designs in Ghana.

Now, you can pick from a dazzling collection of high-quality jewellery made in Melbourne. This particular fabric tassel earrings are also available in Ghana Kente cloth.

What materials are used for fabric tassel earrings?

The materials I use in crafting fabric tassel earring include African cloth and metal hooks. Sterling silver French hooks or stainless-steel hooks are both safe for sensitive skin.

How to care for and store fabric tassel earrings

How to care for your earrings is easy and very important. Firstly, you must avoid getting your delicate accessories messy. So, neatly lay the fabric strips flat to store. Now, you can keep the fabric strips flat in a gift box. Try and prevent fabric tasskes from creasing and tangling.

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