Fabric Earrings Geometric – Meridian

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Be an individual, create positive vibes- oblique triangle geometric fabric earrings.

It will look good on just about anyone who loves eccentric fashion and colour. Great pick.

Featuring the Red (and dark) Prints
Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah Pencil Wax Print Cotton Fabric.
Variations in Bead Colour.

Variations in Bead Colour,
MED 55mmx35mm
Add 25mm for hook+beads
Weight 10g approx
Sterling Silver hooks.

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

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Fabric Earring Geometric – Meridian. A pair of Mustard Coloured geometric triangle oblique earrings Here we have the Red Squiggle Motif print of Ghana’s favorite Nkrumah Pencil Wax Print Fabric.

Why not, own a pair of unique vintage fabric earrings from our Oblayoo Collection. Triangular pair of earrings look different and will impress this Christmas season. So, be an individual, create positive vibes with these adorable and super lightweight pair of oblique triangle geometric fabric earrings. Wear one of Ghana’s most favoured wax print cotton fabric. Also, create your own collection with the whole range of geometric shapes and colourful fabric jewellery. Accessorise using lighter tones or contrast, accentuate using minimal or dominant colour. Wear with a block-coloured dress.

Also, available in other print fabrics, colours, shapes, finishing and sizes.
So, did you know that The Greenwich or Prime Meridian passes through Tema in Ghana from the northeast, of the capital, Accra?

Weight 8 g


Print Design

Fabric Name

Main Colour


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