Friendship bracelets beads


Friendship bracelets beads | Krobo beads bracelets – ,Multicolour tone and mixed colour recycled bead bracelet. Suitable for kids and adults fashion. Beautifully handcrafted beaded bracelets in monotone designs. Gift super lightweight handmade jewellery, African fashion fits all sizes.

Available in other colors and designs.
Weight 30g approx
Bead size 12mm approx.

Super lightweight beaded bracelet

Beaded bracelet size 22cm., will fit 15cm wrist
Elastic cord.
Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

Waterproof jewellery, light weight.


Stackable recycled glass bead jewelry| Spread the Love with these Specially selected Krobo bead Friendship Bracelets. Comes with Printed Message Card and Complimentary handwritten Note. So, Buy Now!

Super ligh-weight Friendship bracelet the Perfect Minimalist Gift Bracelet for everone. And my single Krobo bead bracelet design is also great on kids with a taste of style.

Akos Creative Friendship Bracelet : Spread Love and Connection!

New beaded Bracelet Collection with complimentary message card and handwritten note upon request. Unique bracelets featuring Krobo beads made from Ghana Recycled Glass Beads. Connect with Special Poeple in your Life today.

Crafting with Passion and Love

In this friendship bracelet beads, we blend colorful Ghana Recycled Glass Beads with other charming beads, all crafted with passion for Boho and Hipster Lifestyle. Each bracelet is made with care and love, ensuring a unique and stylish design that reflects your personality.

Perfect for Boys and Girls

Now, make these Friendship Bracelets perfect for both boys and girls. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or attending a Taylor Swift concert, these bracelets are the perfect accessory to share love and connection with someone special.

Feel Connected with Every Wear of my Friendship Bracelets

Did you know that wearing our uniquely styled bracelets allows you to feel connected to your community, family, and friends?. So, share the joy and connection of a Taylor Swift concert experience with someone you care about today.

Friendship Bracelets Kit | Crafted with Care

Now, by using a simple process, we string colorful ethical beads onto clear and durable stretch elastic. So, this ensures our bracelets are not only stunning but also stackable, allowing you to mix and match to create your own unique style statement.

With Akos Creative jewelry, you can spread love and connection all year round, wherever you go. So, choose our Friendship Bracelet Kit and let the joy of Swift accompany you every day!

Bracelet Tutorial

So, please check the link to watch my YouTube video on How I make my Krobo Bead Bracelets. Otherwise, just follow these simple steps to make your own. Also, you can ask me about wholesale Krobo beads from Ghana. Did you know that I only use high quality non-chip recycled glass beads for jewellery making? Buy Now from Akos Creative. So, first up…

  1. Choose Quality Krobo Beads for Bracelets

    • Firsty, I handpick traditional Krobo beads from Cedi Bead Factory in Krobo Odumase, Ghana.
    • There after, I select recycled glass beads in Melbourne to mix with other carefully chosen beads.
    • Now, by buying from trusted craftsmen in Ghana, I can gurantee best quality Krobo bead bracelets in Melbourne.
  2. Design Your Beaded Jewelry

    • So, to design my bracelet, I first lay out your beaded design on a beading board or covered tabletop.
    • You see, I simply enjoy the process of crafting, so if beads occasionally roll onto the floor, I am happy to pick them up.
  3. Stringing Krobo bead bracelets

    • To craft beautiful bracelets beads firstly, thread my beads carefully.
    • Therefore, I use durable clear cords which I pass through each bead.
    • After, I secure the ends of the cords with a square knot, which I do repeating several times for extra security.
    • Lastly, I trim off excess cord and neatly tuck the ends into the bead hole.
  4. Measurements:

    • So, each Krobo bead measures approximately 12mm by 4mm wide. Also, each bead has about 3mm bead hole.
    • In fact, some Krobo beads are bigger, or even larger than this size.
    • So, dsicover bold Chevron beads of up too 50mm x 35mm size.
  5. Longevity of your Friendship Bracelet Kit

    • Now, because each beaded bracelet is crafted with care and dedication, it will last a long time.
    • But please follow these simple steps to care for recycled glass beads from Ghana.

How to care and style Ghana

Lastly, here is how to care and style Ghana Krobo bead bracelets.

  • Do not drop onto hard floor, and don’t apply force or pressure on beads.
  • Also, try to keep the beaded bracelet away from open heat.
  • Now, my beads look great on you if you wore to informal and formal gatherings- parties, cocktail
  • And get yourself a nice little Gift Boxes to make a great storage or for when give to a friend.
  • So, my Statement beaded jewellery can be worn for a long time.
  • Lastly, you can wear several bracelets beads as you wish.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Main Colour

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