Colourful earrings- geometric


Colourful earrings geometric shape, drop earrings for women.

Choose from three different earring design variations.

Handmade jewellery for ladies in Ghana Kente cloth print fabric design.

My colourful drop earrings have hypoallergenic sterling silver French hooks. Wholesale jewellery for sensitive skin.

Main features of kente fabric earrings for women in geometric shapes

  • halfmoon shape
  • Size 7cm x 3.5cm
  • Dangles to about 8cm together with bead and metal parts
  • Weighs about 10grams
  • Ethically made from re-purposed cardstock, and rescued fabric off-cuts
  • Handmade in Melbourne


Colourful earrings, geometric shape drop earrings. Handmade jewellery in Ghana Kente cloth print fabric design. These colourful drop earrings have hypoallergenic sterling silver French hooks. Wholesale jewellery for sensitive skin.

Popular Kente cloth in fashion design

My existing Oblayoo jewellery collection highlights best of African wax print fabrics. Did you know that our Ghana Kente fabric has been showcased New York fashion week? So, you can now experience the most colourful and contemporary fashion jewellery in geometric shapes. If you like colourful earrings, then this pair of Kente print fabric pieces is for you.

Special things about my colourful earring design.

  1. My colourful Ghana Kente fabric earrings are halfmoon shape.
  2. I have design colourful earrings geometric shapes to drop from the centre.
  3. For this reason, the drop earring dangles horizontally.
  4. However, I can also shift the dangle hole to one side. This way, colourful geometric shape earrings dangle at oblique angle.
  5. In fact, I have two additional jewellery design variations
  6. Now, the fabric shape, metal components and beads can weigh to just about 13 grams.

I use other non-tarnish gold plated nickel free French hooks metals.

What materials make lightweight fabric earrings?

I craft geometric lightweight fabric earrings using recycled card stock. In this video, I take you through my studio process. To start, I cut my card stock to the desired shape. Then, I pace them onto print fabric and apply glue. Thereafter, I create holes to hold the metal parts. Very easy, isn’t it.?

How do you create earrings in an ethical way?

  • In fact, we all can create colourful earrings for women in ethical ways.
  • I create ethical earrings by re-purposing, cardstock.
  • Moreover, I rescue fabric off cuts to use in creating fabric earrings.
  • I enjoy crafting earings in geometric shapes because you can style them in multiple ways.
  • In my creative studio, nothing goes waste.
  • So, my creative process is both ethical and sustainable and safe for the environment.

Australian made colourful earrings

I hand craft my earrings here in Melbourne. I use fabric off cuts and other clean materials I rescue to help save the environment.

Additional information

Weight 6 g

Main Colour


Print Design


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