Ghana Krobo beads bracelet-blue wapi


Ghana Krobo beads bracelet, blue wapi colour tone to suit all tastes and styles. Add a splash of color to your wrist with our stylish Krobo beads bracelets. Discover the beauty of African-inspired accessories. Buy Now! African inspired fashion for all occasions

2 variations available.
Weight 10g approx
Feature bead size 25mm x15mm approx.

Krobo bead size 15mm x10mm

Beaded bracelet size 22cm., will fit 15cm wrist
Durable elastic cord.
Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

Waterproof jewellery, light weight.


Ghana Krobo beads bracelet blue wapi colour tone to suit all tastes and styles. Now, you can add a splash of color to your wrist with our stylish Krobo beads bracelets. So, discover the beauty of African-inspired accessories. Buy Now!

So, embrace African beauty with Ghana Krobo beads bracelet made in Melbourne. And own a pair of this simple but gorgeous Boho jewelry. Did you know that my beaded bracelets feature hand painted Ghana Krobo beads?. In fact, this is an addition to my new collection of sensational beaded jewelry? Also, all my Krobo beads bracelet is unique: in fact one-of-a-kind ethical jewellery.

So, discover the vibrant world of African-inspired accessories with our stylish Krobo beads bracelets.

Qhy buy my Ghana Krobo beads bracelet?

  • First-up, handcrafted with vibrant Krobo beads, so it is Boho style.
  • And my Krobo beads bracelet is carefully chosen beads create stunning designs. So you will love them.
  • Moreso, colors and patterns reflect African craftsmanship. So the beaded bracelets are handmade.
  • So, add a pop of color to any outfit and bump up your individual style.
  • Now this Krobo beads bracelet is perfect for showing off your unique style and individuality.
  • And it is made with love and care, so that you can wear for longer time.
  • This is why you can experience the beauty of African-inspired jewelry now!

Simple and Easy Steps to Make Ghana Krobo beads bracelet

Now, let’s see how I craft my Krobo beads bracelet jewelry collection:

  • To begin, I use quality traditional Ghana Krobo beads to craft beautiful Krobo beads bracelet.
  • Did you know that the actual color is deep matte green? But you can allow slight differences due to monitor screen.
  • In my designs, I start by handpicking recycled glass beads from local Ghana artisans. This is how I get high quaility beads for jewelry making in Melbourne.
  • Now, you can choose from colours such as green, red, or multicolored bracelets. Did you know that you can stack several of my colourful bracelets? Create a sensational Boho look with stack bracelets.
  • And, each Krobo beads bracelet measures about 12mm, and the size sits beautifully on your wrist.

Krobo beads bracelet are Safe for the Skin

  • Akos Creative Krobo beads bracelet feature both blue abd red tone recycled glass beads.
  • And my Ghana Krobo beads bracelet are includes Hypoallergenic silver metal beads.
  • These beaded jewelry designs are lightweight yet durable.
  • Moreover, Fits most wrist sizes up to 16cm.
  • Now, strong and durable elastic cord holds beads together.

How to Care and Style Krobo beads bracelet

The following list shows you how to care for beautiful Ghana Krobo beads bracelets to last longer.

  • Firstly, try and avoid dropping or applying force otherwise beads could chip.
  • Then, keep away from open heat sources to prevent destroying acrylic beads.
  • This way, they remain perfect for informal and formal gatherings, so colour your individal style today.
  • Also, have your own Gift Box to store your Krobo beads bracelet. Alternately, small gift box can a impressive present with my bracelet.
  • So, wear multiple bracelets for a statement look from my Akos Creative African Inspired Shop.

What is Ethical Jewelry?

Ethical Krobo beads bracelet is made in a way that is fair. Moreso, Krobo beads bracelet is consumer and environment conscious. This is why my jewelry making practices help save the environment. Moreso, the artisans I uy from in Ghana recieve fair pay for their work.

Additionally, beading materials I use are sourced responsibly. This means that, they do not harm our nature or animals.

Now, my Ethical jewelry helps other communities thrive and protects our planet.

So, by choosing ethical jewelry, we can feel good about wearing something beautiful. Also, It can makes a positive difference in the world.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions N/A
Main Colour

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