Eco hair bonnet – African print


Eco Hair Bonnet, in African Wax Print fabric, Satin Lined Hair Bonnet Ankara Bonnet, Ladies Hair covering, Female Hair Accessory, Home and outdoor wear

  • Adult Size
  • Reversible
  • Sleep In
  • Wear Out

Handmade in Melbourne


Eco hair bonnet, in African wax print fabric, satin lined hair bonnet ankara bonnet, ladies hair covering, female hair accessory, home and outdoor wear.

ONLY 1 BONNET LEFT – blue bonnet

I sew these Elegant African wax print fabric satin-lined sleep bonnets using locally sourced fabric from Ghana. Ever tried on these colourful hair bonnets to wear around the home? These ones are beautifully made handmade to provide protection to your hair while you sleep as well.

Hair Bonnets are designed to protect and keep your hair covered. So, I handmade these elegant bonnets using cotton fabric on the outside, and satin-lined on the inside. This way, your hair, edges, or hairline will only encounter the silky-smooth satin fabric.

Why Wear Hair Bonnets?

Most ladies prefer hair bonnets because it helps to retain moisture in the hair? Moreso, it manages your hair while you lay down to sleep or relax. It does this by keeping your hair intact and prevent hair while reducing hair breakage or damage?

Who says that you cannot wear hair bonnet to the shopping centre? Of course you can, it is your own fashion statement- colourful and so much you.

My hair bonnets can be worn reversed.

Buy other accessories for hair and beauty and fashion. I have more fabric accessories for Christmas New Year All Season Gift Ideas. Check them out here.

Care instructions

My Eco Hair Bonnets are hand made to wear elegantly and also last a long time. Outer fabric are made using locally sourced Ghanaian cotton fabric. These sizeable bonnets are lined with fusible interfacing.

Best to handwash in lukewarm light soapy water. Do not mix with white or plain clothing when washing for the first time.

Rinse well, avoid strong detergents or fabric bleach. Hang outside to dry and keep away from the direct sunlight.

If you wish to Iron, then do so with warm press, test on another fabric first. Best iron to remove creases when fabric is partly damp.

Do not leave the warm iron on top of fabric bonnet.

Store flat or you can drape on mannequin head or stand.

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions N/A

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