Ladies Head Bands – Naa Atwei


Fabric Head Bands – Naa Atwei

African wax print fabric- Five coloures to choose from. Handmade to fit comfortably with elastic stretch at the back. Easy to slide on,, easy to slip off without damaging your hair. My fabric headbands and will suit your any taste.

Colour variations

  1. YanYin (Black & White
  2. Fefeo (Pink)
  3. Okent (Green)
  4. Delta Stitch
  5. Nkrumah Pencil

Head Band Size:

Plain Fabric headbands for ladies handmade colorful African Wax Print or Ankara Fabric. No side buttons, just plain reversible head band with fabric covered band stretch elastic at the back. Hand made in Melbourne using fabric off cuts and elastic band.

  • Headband Size
    21 Inch head Circumference
    6 Inches width band- width six=ze could vary up to 1/2 of inch.
    Care instructions:
    Hand wash with gentle scrub. Iron both sides with warm press when patly dry


Ladies Head Bands – Naa Atwei, featuring colourful African wax print fabric and Australian subtle with cute motif print designs. Firm soft on your hair fabric accessories for everyday fashion.

Here, I hand pick colourful wax print cotton fabrics from Ghana, Accra. Now, you can choose from several different fabric shades and prints. And, these fabulous hair bands are designed to fit many head sizes with elastic fit at the back. More so, you can easily slide on and style to suit your taste.

Like the matching Eco Face masks, I use fabric off cuts where possible to help reduce waste.

Naa Atwei is a Girl’s Name

In case you are wondering, Naa Atwei is a common Ga name. The Ga’s occupy the Southern Ghana coast of the capital Accra.  All Naa Atwei’s love their hair. Girls spend time grooming and preening their beautiful curly or straight hair. Now, you too can add colour and character to your style.

Akos Creative Ladies Head Band

The Akos creative designed headbands fits most heads. More so, I use durable elastic stretch bands and then firmly stitched them so that they do not snap off. It can withstand several tucks, pulls and stretches. Now, what you have is a Reusable, Reversible & Washable Fabric Headbands.

Ask me about matching ladies’ Eco Facemask and fabric earrings.

So, why not send a someone a gift pack with colourful print designs and a handwritten note.

Care Directions

Cotton fabric headbands are best hand washed. Leave in a cool room to dry. Iron using warm pressing iron, and while it still feels damp. Because, this helps straighten out all the fabric crease. You do not need to iron the fabric covered elastic on the back.

Additional information

Weight 5 g

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Head Covering

Headwraps 72inch x 20inch

Head Wraps

72inch X 10inch

Main Colour

, , ,

Design Variations

Bow/Floral, Plain/Wide, Turban/Twist, knotted/Weave