Ghana kente cloth – Akwele headwraps


Ghana Kente cloth print fabric headwraps, African print headwrap, ankara headwrap, winter print headscarf, African turban.

Choose from a a beautiful array of wax print African print fabrics. Best Mother’s Day gift ideas, gift for her.

Size: Approvximately, 72 inch x 22 inch (180 cm x 50 cm).
Headwraps are 1 yard of fabric cut lengthwise from a 2-yards piece.

Variations available in different fabric print and colours

Different African print fabrics available to choose: Ghana Kente, geometric motif print designs, different colours.

All headwraps are made in Melbourne, Australia.

Visit back soon, or contact me for more fabric variations.


Ghana kente fabric headwraps, African print headwrap, ankara headwrap, winter print headscarf, African turban. The long fabric are made from African wax print cotton fabric. Finished by equal width folded hem along the edges.

Fabric source

The African print fabrics I use are mostly sourced directly from Ghana. Hence, I mainly use high quality authentic
African wax print fabrics
that are 100% cotton. What this means is that, both the front and reverse sides of the print fabric the almost identical depth of brightness in the colour.

How to style with Ghana Kente head wraps.

Ghana kente headwraps make stunning beauty makeovers. Watch this short video I made to show how easy it is to look fabulous in Ghana kente headwrap under five minutes. Some people do not like to tie a head wrap, and this is just fine.

Did you know that colourful kente fabrics, actually allow you to pull off unique contemporary looks? For example, use my kente fabric as a wrap around your waist to accentuate your natural curves. Style anyhow you like, it turns out fabulous. What about a simple and easy body drape using my beautiful kente fabrics over your shoulder?

Why kente headwraps are versatile fashion accessories.

So, my African wax print fabric headwraps, are cut to the ideal scarve length. Because of this, you can actually wear my fabric wraps as winter infinity scarves. Also, try this simple body wrap and warmer all year round.

Here, my African fabric headwraps are handmade to last a long time. The stitches are well done with beautiful folded finishing on all edges.

Headwrap Fabric Length

For this reason, I have cut them to good standard scarve lengths. African wax print headwraps size measures approvximately, 72 inch x 22 inch (180 cm x 50 cm ).

Easiest way to cut headwraps

To help you understand why these scarves are legthy, I will show you how I cut these headwraps
Firstly, I cut two
yards of fabric. Then I cut it in halves, lengthwise into a lengthy standard scarfe or wrap.

Buy more African headwraps to save

Buy bulk quantities of jewellery and accessories for your gift hampers, charity fundraisers, cooperate gifting. Now, I offer wholesale pricing on most of my stocked items. My wholesale quantities starts from as little as 12 pcs.

Care instructions for wax print cotton fabrics
  • The care instructions are intended to allow your wax print cotton fabrics to last a long time.
  • For the best care, please do not mix with other colours for the first wash.
  • Do not mix with whites or light coloured items.
  • Try to not use strong detergents and bleach on wax print cotton fabrics.
  • Always rinse in clean lukewarm water, and avoid drying in direct sunlight. Please note, most of the wax finishing would wash off in the first wash.
  • Use a warm iron press to straighten the fabric creases. So, you might want to first test the the heat of the pressing iron on another fabric to be sure. Also, it is always ideal to iron cotton fabric whilst they are still slightly damp.

NOTE:Due to differences in monitor screens, actual fabric colours or print designs might vary slightly.

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions N/A

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