Kente Rope Necklace – Ella (3Cord)


Fabric Rope Necklace Ella three (3) Cord necklace. This jewellery accessory is styled with an easy single- click silver magnetic fastener.

Weight Average – light weight, weigh about 20gramsapprox
Necklace length 80cm approx.
Pliable Nylon rope
Wax print cotton
Magnetic clasp fastening.
Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.


Kente Rope Necklace, Ella with three (3) Cord necklace design. With all my fabric rope necklaces, I finish them off using a single – click strong silver magnetic fastener.

This is to say that, this Fabric Rope Necklace Ella three (3) cord is bold and lighter weight. And, for finishing, I one of my sstrong silver magnetic clasps. For this reason, you will discover some of the other colourful and stylish print fabric designs in Ella three cord fabric rope necklaces. Expecially, you can enjoy that flawless fit, and be unapologetic in in your fashion taste.

Styling Tips for African Statement Necklaces

Great accessory for weddings, Proms, Parties, Religious gatherings, Cultural Festivals and Costume Parties. All  fabric rope necklaces make for great unisex fashion accessories. More so, they make great costume design outfits. So, both men and ladies can look fabulous every time. It matches with a wide range of themed outfits. Casual jeans to pretty lace outfits. Accessorise with  dominant color or with a block color dress.

What materials make your Statement Rope Necklaces?

Important to reallise that, I use flexible nylon rope to make my necklace. The fibres do not harm you. Which is also why I cover them well with the African print fabric strips and stitch them together. They are molds very well around the contours of your neckline. In other words, you can shape and restyle necklace to fit you any time any how. Now you will realise that, these nylon ropes are light. My necklaces weight about 20grams. 

How to care for your fabric rope necklaces?

My rope necklaces are very to store and clean. Now, please do not wash fabric rope necklace under running tap water.  Here, when stained, gently rub with damp cloth, and then you leave in cool space to air dry. Also, do not store next to extreme heat or expose to direct sunlight.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Main Colour

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