Krobo Beads Bracelets – Ayiloh Green

$ 16.90

Krobo Beads Bracelets in gorgeous, nature’s serene green colour.

Ayiloh collection of handmade Krobo beaded bracelets. I handcraft using authentic Ghanaian recycled glass beads.

Featuring religious crucifix charms, tassels, pendants,

Also available in other colours, tones, and bracelet designs.
Light weight 10g approx.
Bead size 12mm approx.

Bracelet size 22cm., will fit 15cm wrist size

Suitable for ladies and gents (unisex jewellery)

One size fit all.
Elastic stretch cord to fit all wrist sizes.

Waterproof jewellery, light weight.
Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.


Krobo Beads Bracelets – deep green colour, and mixed with lighter green tones. Beautifully handcrafted Ayiloh beaded bracelets in rich natural green tone to dazzle.

Mothers’ Day gift idea, beaded bracelet I finish using a selection of charms. Also, choose from religious charms, crucifix, Easter and Good Friday cross.

Now let us Pray for Ukraine, pray for the peace and love of all people around the world.

Choose from natural African natural cowry shells, tassel charms and Ghanaian Adinkra symbol charm for Eternal Love and Good will charm.

Here, is my best seller handmade beaded bracelet perfect gift idea this season.

Simple and easy steps to make beaded bracelets

Now, this is how I craft my beaded jewellery. I use quality traditional beads. The actual colour is deep matt blue. Non shimmering blue. With the recycled glass bead, it does not chip off easily. This is because, I handpick my recycled glass beads directly from the artisans who have been making them several years. Read about how these Krobo Beads are made.

With this collection, I have several colours from which you can make a selection. Here, you can pick the Green coloured bead, Red, or the multicoloured beaded bracelets.

Now, these beads measure to about 12mm each.

Beaded African bracelets are safe for the skin

I used 8mm non tarnish hypoallergenic silver metal beads to accentuate my bracelet design. Yet, these bracelets are still lighter weight. They will last for a long time. I use strong elastic cord to hold all the beads together. The cords do not snap when stretched several times. Also, these Beaded Bracelets can stretch to fit 16cm wrist size. This means, it will fit most ladies and blokes.

How you can care for your beaded bracelets so they last a long time

Do not drop onto hard floor, don’t apply force or pressure on beads. Keep away from open heat. My beads look great on you if you wore to informal and formal gatherings- parties, cocktail or give to a friend as a statement piece. Wear as many bracelets as you wish

Weight 10 g
Main Colour

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