Krobo beads bracelets – kids


Krobo beads bracelets – kids, Krobo tribe beads, beaded bracelets for children’s fashion, recycled glass beads from Ghana, Krobo beads wholesale. Buy Krobo beads, mixed with colourful beads, to create lightweight small glass beads for kids. Handmade stretch bracelets are safe for children.

Available in other colors and designs.
Weight 6grams approx5mm approx.

Krobo bead mixed with other beads

Beaded bracelet size 22cm., will fit 10cm wrist
Elastic cord.

Waterproof jewellery, light weight.

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia


Krobo beads bracelets – kids, Krobo tribe beads, beautiful Ghana beads for children fashion. Buy Ghana recycled glass beads Lightweight and beautiful fashion bracelets. for children. Lightweight children fashion accessories, small Krobo beads, none toxic beads safe for kids.

Why you must buy Krobo beads for your children?

These are the reasons why you must buy handmade recycled glass beads bracelets for your children.

  • Firstly, it has pretty hand painted designs that kids love.
  • Krobo beads are also safe for children. This is because it is none toxic.
  • Stretch beaded bracelets are child-friendly. The elastic is gentle on child’s wrist, so bracelet does not leave marks on your child’s wrist.
  • I use light weight and smaller size beads to create my kids bracelets.

Now, you can teach your children about sustainability, through my recycled glass beads. Children like Krobo beads because they can tell their friends about it.

Moreover, you can buy Ghana trade beads so that children can learn about other cultures.

So, did you know that kids fashion is popular in Australia? So, buy matching Krobo beads from my Ashinao collection of beaded jewellery.

How I create your Krobo beads jewelry

I would like to show you how I create Krobo beads bracelets. Firstly, I pick from only the most beautful recycled glass beads in Ghana.

  1. Firstly, I travel to Ghana to buy handmade beads. Where I buy these special is a small town called Krobo Odumase.
  2. So, Krobo Odumase is in Southern Ghana. Most of the people are peasant farmers.
  3. In Krobo land, the women trade in several colourful handmade beads.
  4. Did you know that our African recycled glass beads are made from discarded glass? Sp, when this old glass is pounded into powder and melted under high heat, it later cools to form hard beads.
  5. When I visit Krobo Odumase in Ghana, I buy the most beautiful recycled glass beads.
  6. This is because, beautiful Krob beads have so the most interesting hand painted designs.
  7. Well, I do so because I know that you love colourful jewelry.
  8. Then, I bring these beautiful African beads to Australia.
  9. In my creative studio, I use a needle to pass elastic yard through each hole in the bead
  10. I have mixed Krobo beads with other beautiful beads.
  11. Lastly, to finish crafting stretch bracelets for kids, I tie the ends of the elastic cords. This way, your colourful beads wont come off.

How to take care of Ghana Krobo beads so they can last longer

Follow these simple steps if you want your Ghana recycled glass beads to last longer.

  • Do not drop onto hard floor, don’t apply force or pressure on beads.
  • Keep away from open heat.
  • Now, you can store recycled glass beads in small draw string organza bags.
  • Also, you can keep Krobo beads bracelets in gift boxes.
  • So, did you know that you can wear several Krobo bead bracelets on your wrist.

** Products on special do get out of stock quicker and it may never get restocked especially as I run out materials.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Main Colour

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