Recycled glass beads bracelets – ayiloh green


Krobo Beads Bracelets, stretches to fit most wrists. Finished with interesting charms and tassels.

My Ayiloh collection of handmade bracelets using Ghana beads are handcrafted in Melbourne.

I use authentic Ghanaian recycled glass beads handpicked from Krobo Odumase, Ghana.

Best features: different colours, designs and charms
Light weight 10g approx.
Bead size 12mm approx.

Elastic stretch cord to fit all wrist sizes.

Bracelet length 22cm approx. It will fit 15cm wrist size

Suitable for ladies and gents (unisex jewellery)

Waterproof jewellery, light weight.
Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.


Recycled glass beads bracelets- ayiloh green Krobo Beads Bracelets – dark rich green colour and mixed with lighter green tones. The beads are monotone rich colour and are handcrafted from recycled glass beads in Ghana.

Ayiloh beaded bracelets offer a range of dazzling colours, including green, blue and darker tones.

Perfect gift ideas for women and men

So, I have the perfect gift ideas with Krobo beads stretch bracelets, suitable for women and men. Moreso, I have created this beautiful collection of beaded stretch bracelets. Now, they are also finished using interesting charms. For example, religious charms, crucifix, lucky charm, and African charms, such as Adinkra symbols and cowry charms.

How to make recycled glass bracelets quickly

  1. Now, I craft my beaded bracelets using Ghana Krobo beads.
  2. Also, I add other interesting beads from around the world.
  3. Ghana Krobo recycled beads don’t fade or chip easily when dropped.
  4. Did you know that these beads come in various sizes and shapes?
  5. So, the beads I use for bracelets range between 12mm and 10mm.
  6. Longer beads can be 20mm. What all the beads have in common is the 2mm holes.

I use a metal wire to help me thread elastic cords through the holes. Then, I tie the ends into a neat knot.

How Krobo beads are made

Now, are you keen to know how these beautiful Krobo beads are made?  I have written a short article on how Krobo Beads are made in Krobo Odumase Ghana.

How to store your recycled glass beads bracelets at home

Recycled glass beads are don’t break or chip easily. To avoid accidental damage such as cracks or chip, you can store in a fabric pouch. A padded gift box is also a good place to store jewellery. Most importantly, try to not drop onto the a concrete hard floor. Last but not least, wear as many bracelets as you wish. 

You know, they would look stunning on you and much safer on any wrist.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Main Colour

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