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Resin drop earrings – Ojekoo, hello to a good morning coffee in these adorable latte crafted jewellery.

Resin Beads Coffee
Available in Oval, Round Shapes.
Variations in Bead Cap: Silver,
Brown & Black Seed beads.
Sterling Silver Hooks.
Oval Bead Size: 20mm x18mm

Drop earrings finished with metal French hooks. Available in rose gold, sterling silver. Shop minimalist jewellery gifts.

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Resin drop earrings – Ojekoo, hello to a good morning coffee in these adorable latte crafted jewellery. Discover the pleasure of real coffee beans inbedded in your pair of handmade earrings. Finished with sterling silver French hooks.

How to style with resin drop earrings

You can wear these casual drop earrings from morning to dusk. In fact, I have designed them to be super lightweight. For this reason, they are suitable for active and practical all-day wear.

So, perfect gift item for the self-conscious, minimalist environmentally conscious fashion lovers. Also, all earrings come in a lovely organza bag with a special message card.

How to make resin drop earrings at home

Resin drop earrings are easy to make. You need epoxy or resin. They usually come in two parts- part A and Part B. They come in liquid forms, and you can find them in any hardware and craft store.

To make my drop resin beads, I wear protective gloves and mask. I prepare my silicon mould, cover the surface with old newspapers and keep the ear clean. Firstly, I mix my resin portions as suggested. I then mix and pour small amount of mixed resin into silicon mold.

To create my highlights, I use a small stick to imbed the African fabric strips into the wet resin. I allow to sit and set over night. Once dry and hardened, I can pop out the resin beads. Air pockets can form when epoxy are not mixed well.

Create sustainable jewellery from scratch

You can create your own sustainable jewellery from scratch. Just follow safety precautions and get more inspirations from my handmade jewellery stock. As examples, you can click this link to check out more crafted resin jewellery.  With some of my resin drop earrings  for instance, I use Japanese fabric strips instead of our colourful African wax print fabric.

Now, you can read more about sustainable jewellery making from my online blog. I like creating you tube videos to demonstrate my sustainable jewellery making process.

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