Resin Bead Earring – OJekoo

$ 28.00

Resin Bead Earring – OJekoo

We now have Available in Oval, Round Shapes.
There are Variations in Bead Cap: Black, Pink.
Featuring gold foil
Rose Gold Hooks
Oval Bead Size: 20mm x18mm

Now, some people love their morning coffee whilst sitting the sun others have it behind an office desk. This pair will match well with her office outfit-it doesn’t matter if she is doing it via Zoom or soaking in the sun. These gorgeous earrings will still dazzle her mates.

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Resin Bead Earring – OJekoo,

Ojekoo! So, when you translate into Ga language. Npw, this is a greeting and it simply means, ‘Good Morning’.

Now, Ga language is spoken by the Southern Coast people of Ghana, Accra. Here, our home made resin bead earrings are super lightweight. Our resin earrings are a great accessory for any fashion lover. So, these resin beads are crafted to be light weight. Also, they are perfect for those seeking active and practical all-day jewellery.

Now, we simply imbed real coffee beans we find in used coffee ban bags. The beads look so beautiful that we did not want to throw them away. So, we put them to set in wet resin at home. And, here is how we craft our resin beads. Then, we hand pour liquid resin into acrylic molds. We carefully place coffee beans inside. Also, in our other resin bead designs, we imbed fabric. We leave the wet resin overnight to set and form.

Here, we rescued these beautiful beans from going to the rubbish tip from their coffee sacks. Let’s kind to our environment. Discard off waste consciously, rescue and reuse what you can. Also, we recycle materials in safe and hygienic ways. Lets be creative and ethical.

Here, you will soon find that perfect gift item for the self-conscious, minimalist environmentally conscious fashion lover. Gifting is an emotional thing. So, we make sure you only get to send positive messages to your loved ones.  And, we are happy when we can make help someone to bring joy to others.

All our earrings are packaged in a lovely organza bag with a special print message card.

And, how do you care for your home made resin beads?

Here, you care for your resin jewellery as you would any beaded jewellery. This is what you need to do.

Please do not drop the beads onto hard concrete or apply extreme pressure. These hard Resin beads can chip when dropped. Please, store away from heat. Home made resin can loose shape and form with in contatc with extreme heat.

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