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Adjustable, Reusable, Reversible & Washable Face-mask, 100% Cotton. Now available in Australian bright spring colors, animal floral motifs fabric prints. Eco Face Mask, environmentally friendly and reusable face masks, comes in colourful African wax print cotton, as well as subtle tones in Australian flora lor fun motifs print designs. This collection features smaller sizes, suitable for young adults, ladies, and children.

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Reusable Face Mask –small sizes, suitable for young adults, and children. Buy colourful and fun print fabric reversible home made face masks with 3- layers using cotton and polyetster fabrrics. And, these face masks are Adjustable, Reusable, Reversible Design.

Fabris used are cotton and polyester washable iand breathable in 3 layers of fabric.

You can buy, Reversible Print Fabric Face Masks, Adjustable, Reusable. Feels comfortable against the skin and gives complete coverage across the nose and mouth. With molded 3-D structure our face masks will fit around the nose bridge to block out irritating dust and pollen, nasty winds, and smoke.

These Reusable Face-masks are great for effortless breathing.

White or black elastic depending on availability.

Three(3) layers of fabric sizing designed to give maximum nose and mouth protection and for easy breathing.
Washable cotton fabric inner and outer layer. Polyester fabric middle later.

Three sizes available. Buy larger sizes here. Width (W) measured from side to side of face mask. Height (H) measured from top to bottom of facemeask)

S=Child (W -20cm x H-12cm approx)
B= Babycinno W-18cm x 10cm)

Fabric facemasks are for personal use only- not suited for clinical use. It meets the basic protection only needed to help prevent pollen and germs.

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