Fabric Earring Geometric – Wawa

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Statement Geometric Fabric Earrings- Extra Large  size 12cm approx diameter fabric earrings .
Swirl motif prints in dark red.
Round geometric shapes
Variations in size, shape, bead colour
Different print fabric design on reverse side
Size: 12 cm diameter 6cm width
Add 25mm for hook+ bead
Weight 12g approx
Sterling Silver hooks.

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

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Fabric Earring Geometric- in Extra Large size of 12cm diameter approx. And featuring this brown tone print fabric designs with flower stamens. I accept customise orders.

With this design, you have  light weight millinery beads to create attention. Then, I finished with stainless hooks, and the usual plastic backing.

Now, this is one of my latest fabric earrings design whre I am generous with size.  Wih this, you have a handcrafted large geometric earrings for your fancy parties. For this one, summer social gathering, you are the centre of the party. Have fun feel confident, pair with one of my fabric rope necklaces. Definately, these one will turn heads at the Catwalk. And, I am open to collaborative work.

This geometric pair of hand crafted fabric earrings are not heavy as they look. Now, these are embellished with very light floral bead pearls so it feels light on your ear lobes.

If extra large isnt the thing for you, why not check out these smaller earrings in Delta Sticth Green and Blue Fabric, also in round shapes. Or ask for a small er size.

Weight 8 g


Main Colour


Print Design

, ,


, ,




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