The top statement earrings trend to watch in 2023

Earrings are back in fashion, after the COVID-19 pandemic starts to ease. People are beginning to buy and wear a variety of these handcrafted statement earrings.

Apparently, fashion buyers are being most intentional with their choice of fashion jewelry. As a result, when we talk of gifts, our minds first go to someone else buying and giving to us.

The come back of statement jewelry trends, indeed suggests that focus is shifting towards more unique jewelry. Lately, I am beginning to see more jewellery savvy Australians buying what feels right to them. In fact, what feels right, is also not suprisingly, what best expresses the true me. Most Australians prefer handmade earrings especially those crafted by Ethicalpreneurs such as Akos Creative.

Statement earrings that speak to one’s unique fashion style and taste, even personality types are drawing attention. 

Also, an increasing number of people are asking for customised earrings. This is the reason.

Colour, shape and design matter. For this reason, Australian jewellery designers like Akoscreative are taking time to design to specific consumer taste in 2023. According to Akos Melbourne based jewellery designer

It is what the market is demanding, specific people like specific designs

With personalised statement earrings, handmade matters. Almost all earring lovers would attest to the fact that customised jewellery is best crafted by hands because it gives every jewellery piece that personalised touch.

So, with new earring designs in 2023, what do others look out for?

Beaded Earrings- geometric
Look-at-Me Earrings

The colour contrast in these pairs of half-moon geometric earrings for instance, were a natural part of Ghana kente fabric used in crafting the statement pieces.

Statement earrings in this new season have incorporated contrast in materials.

For instance the new Adonko geometric earring designs feature the usual fabric components and metallic finishes. Still maintaining its traditional feel with African wax print fabric, Adonko earrings bear a profound modern look with shiny parts.

Double-Drop Earrings
Double drop earrings to flatter the neck area and accentuate feminine figure

MInimalists would even vouch for the double drop statement earrings this new season.

What you would hope to find are double geometric fabric shapes joined together by rings or joiners. 

Otherwise, expect a combination of geometric fabric shapes and acrylic shapes also conjoined by rings or joiners.

The idea is to allow these statement earrings to flatter the neck. Hence, the double dangle earrings drop to about 9cm. 

Don’t be alarmed, double dangle handmade jewellery only weighs about grams. Remember,  the functionality and beauty of earrings lay in the design.

Chandelier dazzle

Who doesn’t like a bit of extras in earring design, especially when face masks are beginning to face off?

Chandelier statement earrings by Akoscreative would still feature the usual geometric fabric earring piece. But then the magic happens with dangling pieces that hang off the main jewellery component.

Again, colour contrast, and shapes would become the main point of attraction in these stunning chandelier drop earring designs.

Chandelier drop earings come in the really simple like the one above, or complex multi dangles

These type of handmade earring designs speak for themselves. Bold colours, astounding geometric shapes and with an exciting dangle to tickle.

Tassel femme

The  tassel femme era is not over yet and I can vouch for this according to Akos. For this reason, I can pardon many earring lovers who feel that earring tassels are fading out. I know, 2022 and even the preceding years have seen lots of them – tassel earrings.

So, in 2023, here is what is different in tassel earrings. Earring lovers will find real fabric tassels featuring outstanding highlights of their own.

Akoscreative, for one, is designing her fabric earrings to celebrate vibrant African colours and tastes. This is why fabric tassel statement earrings are coming back big time in 2023.

Tassel femme are here with in 2023
Emerald magic

Last but not the least, is the emerald colour which is continuing to gain traction in the new year. I am putting it out there for a reason. One of them is to prepare you for the magical range of emerald colours appearing in the new handmade earring designs. 

Look at me handmade earring speak bold in size and colour

So, don’t be surprised at all to find this colour in stone, bead, or even fabric, this 2023 fashion jewellery season.

Like this collaborative piece with Pam Design, the emerald colour was featured in this Akos creative design.

Green is such a rich colour and as we embrace the new year, we are poised with positivity. Growth, continuity and abundance are reasons why many people will gravitate towards the colour green this season.

This is why I think that the 2023 fashion jewellery would see shades and tones of green as well.

Final comment on  2023 handmade earrings
Find your own unique and customised habdmade earrings in my collections

The uniqueness and beauty of handmade earrings in the 2023 fashion season makes them compelling for our worldwide fans.

In fact, handmade earrings are very compelling in the new season. The reason is, although most of us have become used to wearing mandated face masks, we are also beginning to go light on clothes as we enter warmer seasons.

In the Australian summer, wearing lighter and brighter clothes seems very practical. So are accessories such as handmade earrings.

Colourful statement earrings will be popular this season.  Choose from these designs and looks, look-at-me, double drop, chandelier dazzle, emerald magic and tassel craze.

If you are thinking of decent statement earrings, think of Akos and head to our website to see what’s in store. We take whole orders so you too can feature our colourful handcrafted statement earrings in your shop.

Great to share this fashion trend and jewellery insight with you. Until next time, we at Akos wish you a successful new 2023 season.

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